120 Coffee Shop Names (Creative, Cute, and Catchy)


By Sapana Chandra

Opening a coffee shop can be a great way to turn your passion for coffee into a profitable business. Get inspired with the best coffee shop names.

Inside of a coffee shop.
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The coffee industry provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to start and grow successful businesses. Most adults in the United States consume coffee, enjoying at least one cup daily.

Starting a coffee shop can be a fulfilling career if you’re passionate about coffee. A coffee shop has the potential to generate revenue and become a profitable business.

Additionally, a coffee shop can serve as a social hub for your local community. Your coffee shop can have a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere that customers enjoy. It can be a great place to meet friends, work, or spend time alone.

Make a memorable first impression with a catchy business name. The following are examples of creative coffee shop names to help you find the perfect one.

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Classic coffee shop names

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The following are classic name ideas for your coffee shop.

1. Bean Buzz Cafe

2. Boston Barista

3. Brew Bazaar

4. Brew House

5. Cafe Au Lait

6. Cafe Mocha

7. Cafe Mojo

8. Cafe Robusta

9. Cedar Lane Roasters

10. Club Coffee

11. Coffee & Lattes

12. Coffee Bistro

13. Coffee Republic

14. Coffeeholic Cafe

15. Hot Java

16. Java Junction

17. Java Stop

18. Mocha Maven

19. Morning Mocha

20. Old Town Roastery

21. Perk Up Cafe

22. Roast ‘n’ Brew

23. Sunset Cafe

24. The Brew House

25. The Classic Cup

26. The Daily Roast

27. The Java House

28. The Latte Lounge

29. The Roasted Bean

30. Timeless Cafe

31. Trilogy Cafe

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Hipster coffee shop name ideas

Hands holding a cup of coffee.
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Hipster names reflect a trendy, contemporary atmosphere and appeal to a younger demographic.

If your coffee shop will have a unique and quirky atmosphere, give it a hipster name.

1. Bean Scene

2. Brew Crew

3. Buzz Stop

4. Cafe Culture

5. Caffeine Company

6. Caffeine Fix

7. City Pour

8. Coffee Lab

9. Cool Beans Cafe

10. Espresso Lab

11. Daily Dose Café

12. Daily Drip

13. Dreamy Moose

14. Grassroots Cafe

15. Green Coffee Cafe

16. Grinders Cafe

17. Hot Grind

18. Java Club

19. Latte Loca

20. Main Street Roasters

21. Paragon Cafe

22. Roast Room

23. Steamy Brew

24. Steamy Cup

25. Tall Grass Roasters

26. The Coffee Cartel

27. The Daily Grind

28. The Hideout

29. Topped Off

30. Urban Latte

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Cute coffee shop names

Pastry and coffee on table.
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Cute coffee shop names aim to evoke a feeling of warmth, comfort, and happiness. They reflect an inviting, friendly atmosphere and appeal to a wide range of customers

1. Aroma Mocha

2. Beans & Brews

3. Brew Box

4. Brew of Tales

5. Cafe Confection

6. Coffee Craze

7. Coffee for Two

8. Coffee Turtle

9. Coffee Villa

10. Cool Beans Cafe

11. Cream & Sugar Co.

12. Cuppa Coffee

13. Grind Magic

14. Java Joint

15. Latte Lounge

16. Mocha Madness

17. Mugs & Magic

18. Mugs & Muffins

19. Peach Coffee

20. Singing Beans

21. Sipping Bear

22. Stardust Coffee

23. Steaming Mugs

24. Sugar Cubes

25. The Caffeine Express

26. The Coffee Cupboard

27. The Happy Beans

28. The Steamy Cup

29. Wake Me Up

30. Wired Puppy

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Funny coffee shop name ideas

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Funny coffee shop names aim to bring a smile to people’s faces. They often have witty and quirky connotations and use a play on words.

1. Alice in Brewland

2. All About That Bean

3. All Steamed Up

4. Ancient Grounds

5. Ask Brew

6. Bean Around

7. Bean There Done That

8. Coffee Hackers

9. Deja Brew

10. Espresso Experience

11. Espresso Yourself

12. Grind Geeks

13. Grind On

14. Ground Up Cafe

15. Hungry Beans

16. It’s a Grind

17. Java Junkies

18. Jumpstart Coffee Shop

19. Kiss the Bean

20. Love You a Latte

21. Morning Liquor

22. Mr. Bean

23. Please Add Coffee

24. Proud Beans

25. Rise & Grind

26. Sacred Grounds

27. See You Latte

28. Thanks a Latte

29. The Busy Bean

30. The Wakey Bakey

Tips for naming your coffee shop

Your coffee shop name is important and can impact the success of your business. Take the time to choose a name that reflects your brand and resonates with your customers.

Here are some tips to help you come up with the perfect name:

1. Consider your brand identity. Your coffee shop name should reflect the atmosphere and brand you want to create.

2. Make it easy to remember. A name that’s simple and memorable will help customers find and share your shop.

3. Consider the location. If your coffee shop is in a specific city, incorporate this into the name.

4. Be creative: Brainstorm words that will represent your shop’s traits and personality.

5. Do research. Be sure your name isn’t already used by another coffee shop.

6. Get feedback. Ask your family and friends for their feedback on different ideas.

We hope these tips help you find the perfect name for your coffee shop.

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