120+ Best Candle Business Names (Cute, Creative, and Funny)


By Sapana Chandra

Starting a candle business can be a rewarding business venture. Get inspired by the best candle business names, including cute and catchy ideas.

Candle sitting on booklets.
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Candles have played an essential role in different cultures for thousands of years. They can create a relaxing atmosphere and emit a warm light to help calm the mind.

A candle business can be a profitable business venture with a low startup cost. You’ll need equipment, such as wax, wicks, fragrance oils, and containers.

Turn your hobby into a successful business with candles that brings joy to others. With good marketing and quality products, you can attract customers and generate income.

Make a great first impression with a memorable business name. The following are examples of creative candle business names to help you choose your own.

Cute candle business names

Burning candle with two wicks.
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Candles can come in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes, making them a popular decor item.

Choose a candle business name that looks adorable printed on your product.

1. Blissful Flame Co.

2. Candle Fairy Co.

3. Candle Market

4. Candle Muse Co.

5. Charming Ember Co.

6. Coastal Candles

7. Cozy Candle Co.

8. Country Home Candle Co.

9. Farmhouse Candles

10. Flicker & Flame

11. Free Spirit Candle Co.

12. Hilltop Candles

13. Lavender Flame

14. Light & Love Candle Co.

15. Luminate Co.

16. Magic Wicks

17. Midnight Wick Co.

18. Mystic Moon Candle Co.

19. New Moon Candle Co.

20. Old Mill Candle Co.

21. The Bright Life Co.

22. Twinkle Candle Co.

23. Spark Candle Co.

24. Sweet Candle Co.

25. Sunflower Wicks Co.

26. Vintage Candle Co.

27. Wanderlust Wicks

28. Wax & Wicks Co.

29. Wildflower Candle Co.

30. Willow & Wick

Creative candle business names

Person lighting up candle.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

The soft light and gentle fragrance of candles can create an intimate mood. This makes them a popular choice for date nights and special occasions.

Choose a candle business name that’s creative and easy to remember.

1. Blissful Burn Co.

2. Boho Chic Candles

3. Bright Dreams

4. Burning Bright Candle Co.

5. Candle Haven Co.

6. Candle Oasis

7. Candle Magic

8. Candle Sanctuary

9. Candlelight Delight

10. Celestial Candle Co.

11. Cosmic Candles

12. Dancing Candle Co.

13. Dancing Flames

14. Earthy Candle Co.

15. Enchanted Wicks

16. Enlighten Co.

17. Flying Sparks

18. Glow Power

19. Heart & Flame

20. Light & Glow Candle Co.

21. Lux Light Co.

22. Moonstone Candles

23. Morning Glory Candle Co.

24. Mystic Flames

25. Prairie Candle Co.

26. Pure Candle

27. Radiant Candle Co.

28. Rainbow Roots Candle Co.

29. Red Barn Candles

30. Spellbound Wicks

31. Splendid Candles

32. Starlight Candle Co.

33. Sweet Water Candle Co.

34. The Bright Stuff

35. The Candle Collection

36. The Candle Maker Co.

37. The Eclectic Candle

38. The Light Factory

39. Wax & Wane Co

40. Wicked Candle Co.

41. Wildfire Candles

42. Wispy Wicks

43. Zen Candle Co.

Modern candle business names

Candle with lid open.
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Candles can create a cozy and inviting ambiance in any room. They can also add a touch of elegance to a formal setting.

Choose a candle business name that’s modern and memorable.

1. Ash Candle Co.

2. Bliss Candle Co.

3. Botanical Wicks

4. Candle & Bloom

5. Candle Boutique

6. Candle Collective

7. Candle Culture

8. Candle Harvest Co.

9. Candle Studio

10. Carefree Embers

11. Chic Candle Co.

12. Clean Candle Co.

13. Clever Candle Society

14. Dancing Wicks

15. Ember Co.

16. Flame Society

17. Good Candles

18. Kindred Flames

19. Modern Flame

20. Moonlit Wicks Candle Co.

21. Purely Soy Candle Co.

22. Rustic Wicks

23. Simply Candle Co.

24. Soy Candle Co.

25. Spark & Flame

26. The Candle Co.

27. The Candle Corner

28. The Candle Project

29. The Daily Candle

30. The Happy Candle Co.

31. The Scented Studio

32. Twilight Candle Co.

33. Urban Candle Co.

Funny candle business names

Woman making craft candles.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Use metaphors or puns to make your name stand out. The following are funny candle business names.

1. Brighter Days

2. Burned Out

3. Burnin’ Love Candle Co.

4. Candle Cartel Co.

5. Candle Connoisseur

6. Candle Crusader

7. Candle-icious

8. Candle-lit Co.

9. Flicker & Fun

10. Glow Up

11. I’m Soy Into You

12. Light a Candle

13. Light My Fire Candle Co.

14. Light the Way

15. Lighten Up Candle Co.

16. Scentsational Wicks

17. Soyful Scents

18. Twin Flames

19. Waxing Poetic

20. Wick-ed Fun Candles

21. Wick-edly Good Candle Co.

Tips on naming your candle business

The following are suggestions to help you come up with the perfect name for your new candle business.

1. Research your competition. Avoid business names that are too similar to other candle companies.

2. Avoid trendy names. Pick a name that will stand the test of time.

3. Keep it short. A shorter business name is often easier to remember.

4. Use a thesaurus. A thesaurus can provide other words and synonyms to help you choose the perfect name.

5. Get inspiration from your city. Use the name of your city or state in your company name.

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