210 Best Ice Cream Shop Names (Cute, Funny, and Retro)


By Sapana Chandra

The ice cream industry is growing. Opening an ice cream shop can be a rewarding experience. Read the best ice cream shop names.

Three scoops of ice cream.
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Opening an ice cream shop can be a fun and rewarding way to make a living. It requires relatively little upfront investment for equipment and supplies.

Your shop can be a great place for people, especially families, to come together and have a good time. You can provide customers with delicious treats and create a sense of community in your area.

With good marketing and a great product, you can expand your business by opening more shops. Your shop can also be a great place to host events or collaborate with other local businesses.

Kick off your business and make a great first impression with a memorable shop name. Get inspired by the best ice cream shop names.

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Best ice cream shop names

Scoop of strawberry ice cream.
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Check out these popular ice cream shop names to help you get started.

1. A La Mode Creamery

2. Bowls & Cones

3. Dream Spoon

4. Chunky Monkey

5. Cones + Sprinkles

6. Cookies & Cream

7. Crazy Cone

8. Creamery Castle

9. Frozen Feast

10. Happy Cones

11. Ice Cream Studio

12. Island Creamery

13. Magic Cow

14. Melt

15. Perfect Match

16. Serious Scoops

17. Smitten Ice Cream

18. Sugar & Cream

19. Sugar Bowl

20. Sweet & Frosty

21. Sweet Addiction

22. Sweet Envy

23. Sweet Republic

24. Taste Lab

25. The Creamery

26. The Final Scoop

27. The Frozen Spoon

28. The Vanilla Cone

29. The Waffle Bowl

30. Total Taste

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Cute ice cream shop names

Hand holding melting ice cream cone.
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Choosing a cute ice cream shop name can help make a great first impression. It can appear more inviting and friendly, helping you attract more customers.

The following are examples of adorable ice cream shop names.

1. 32 Below

2. Arctic Bites

3. Cherry on Top

4. Freeze

5. Frozen Spoon

6. Happy Cones

7. Happy Swirls

8. Ice Swirls

9. Melted

10. Moo’s Creamery

11. Scooped Delight

12. Serendipity

13. Simple & Sweet

14. Simply Scoops

15. Smitten Ice Cream

16. Sprinkles & Cream

17. Sweet Alchemy

18. Sweet Spot

19. Sweet Tooth Creamery

20. Sugar Hill Creamery

21. Tasty Scoop

22. Thankful Cow

23. The Corner Cone

24. The Double Scoop

25. The Little Moo

26. The Magic Cow

27. The Waffle Cone

28. Tipsy Scoop

29. Two Scoops

30. Velvet Ice Cream

Funny ice cream shop names

Two hands holding ice cream cones.
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Humor is a great way to make your ice cream shop stand out, especially with younger customers.

If you want to draw people in and make them laugh, choose a funny name or play on words. The following are examples of funny ice cream shop names.

1. 5 Below Creamery

2. Brain Freeze

3. Cheat Day Station

4. Chunky Monkey Ice Cream

5. Churned Moments

6. Fantasy Scoop

7. Fresh From The Freezer

8. Frost Freak

9. Frost N’ Roll

10. Frosty Dream

11. Hard As Ice Cream

12. Hot Creek Creamery

13. Ice Cream Creature

14. Iced Creams

15. Let’s Be Dairy

16. Lickity Splits

17. Melting Expectations

18. Moo Mama

19. Mooing Momma

20. No Big Scoops

21. One Cold Day

22. Scary Dairy

23. Scoop Du Jour

24. Snowy Boo Boo

25. Sunday Funday

26. The Big Dipper

27. The Creamatorium

28. The Daily Scoop

29. Tongue Stuck Creamery

30. Voodoo Ice Cream

Unique ice cream shop names

Close-up of scooping ice cream.
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When choosing a name for your ice cream shop, consider a unique name that’s memorable and easy to find.

The following are ice cream shop names that will catch your customers’ attention.

1. 32 Below

2. Churned Creamery

3. Cold Dessert Shop

4. Creamistry

5. Creamy Atlas

6. Dairy Goddess

7. Everyday is Sundae

8. Frosted Frills

9. Frozen Smiles

10. Hometown Creamery

11. Honest Ice Creams

12. Ice Cream 506

13. Ice Milk

14. Ice Sparkle

15. Lazy Cow Creamery

16. Main Street Scoops

17. Milk Bites

18. Modern Milk Bar

19. Scoops & Smiles

20. Secret Sprinkles

21. Sprinkles Sundae Shop

22. Sticky Bits

23. Sugar Bowl

24. Sweet Republic

25. Sweet Scoops

26. The Corner Cone

27. The Corner Creamery

28. The Magic Cow

29. The Master Scoop

30. The Organic Cow

Retro ice cream shop names

Inside of an ice cream shop.
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Giving your ice cream shop a retro name could be a great way to draw in customers who enjoy a sense of nostalgia.

1. Childhood Scoops

2. Cow Tipping Creamery

3. Custard County

4. Dairy Lounge

5. Dixie Slab

6. Fantasy Scoop

7. Forever Cones

8. Frosty Bear

9. Frosty Spoon

10. Hometown Creamery

11. Ice Cream House

12. Lifestyle Ice Cream

13. Main Street Creamery

14. Moo Time Creamery

15. Old Country Ice Cream

16. Old Fashioned Creamery

17. Old Town Ice Cream Shop

18. Original Ice Cream Shop

19. Retro Creamery

20. Scooped Delight

21. Scoops Westside

22. Supreme Ice

23. Taste of Home

24. The Ice Cream Man

25. The Icy Fudge

26. The Rustic Cow

27. The Vanilla Bean

28. Vanilla Creamery

29. Wonder Cone

30. Yum Spoon

Gelato shop names

Gelato flavors.
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Gelato shops have grown in popularity around the world, from Italy to the United States. They’re seen as a delightful treat with delicious flavor and creamy texture.

The following are examples of gelato shop names that’ll catch everyone’s attention.

1. Barefoot Gelato

2. Blue Ice Gelato

3. Ciao Gelato

4. Creamy Gelato

5. Delicious Gelato

6. Dolce Gelato

7. Gelato Bar

8. Gelato Corner

9. Gelato Hills

10. Gelato Indulgence

11. Gelato Scoops

12. Holy Gelato

13. Homemade Gelato Co.

14. Italian Delight

15. Lush Gelato

16. Moonlight Gelato

17. Oh My Gelato

18. Original Gelato

19. Rainbow Gelato

20. Snowflake Gelato

21. Sunshine Gelato

22. Sweet Gelato

23. Sweet Dreams Gelato

24. Sweet Milk Gelato

25. Swirl Gelato

26. The Art of Gelato

27. The Daily Gelato

28. The Italian Way

29. White Box Gelato

30. Yum Yum Gelato

Ice cream truck names

Handing over an ice cream cone from food truck.
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If you have an ice cream truck that serves frozen treats, check out the following ideas for names.

1. Chilly Cones

2. Chilly Cow

3. Cone Crazy

4. Cool Cream Racks

5. Cone Shack

6. Creamery Cow

7. Dairy Delights

8. Dreamsticks

9. Freezer Burn

10. Frost Box

11. Frozen Time

12. Ice Chatter Box

13. Ice Cream Alley

14. Ice Cream Express

15. Ice Cream Factory Lab

16. Ice Cream Station

17. Ice Shelf

18. Icy Junction

19. Magic Cone Express

20. Rolling Cones

21. Scoops On The Go

22. Snow Cone Shack

23. Sprinkles

24. Sugar Shack

25. Sweets on Us

26. Swirl Brothers

27. Swirl Station

28. The Chocolate Shop

29. Two Scoops Bar

30. Yeti Truck

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