120+ Best Book Club Names (Clever, Funny, and Cute)


By Sapana Chandra

Starting a book club can be a great way to connect with those who share your love of reading. Read the best book club names to choose your own.

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Starting a book club can have many benefits. Book clubs bring people together and can enrich your social and intellectual life. They’re a great way to engage in meaningful discussions. 

Reading and discussing books can improve critical thinking skills. It can help you gain new perspectives and expand your knowledge.

Once you decide to start a book club, choose how often you’ll meet and the theme for the types of books you’ll be reading. This will help attract members with similar interests and guide your book selections.

Kick off your book club and make a great first impression with a memorable name. Get inspired by the following book club names that are clever, funny, and cute.

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Check out these popular book club names to help you get started.

1. Best Book Club

2. Better Books

3. Book Club Bliss

4. Book War

5. Book Wizards

6. Books & Beans

7. Books & Beyond

8. Born to Read

9. Bucket List Books

10. Classic Ladies Book Club

11. Cover to Cover

12. Fiction Addiction

13. Mystery Mavens

14. No. 1 Ladies Book Club

15. On the Same Page

16. Page Turners

17. Paperback Riders

18. Plot Twists

19. Readers Dozen

20. Reading Queens

21. Reading Rainbows

22. Romance Readers Rule

23. Saga Surfers

24. Simply Books

25. The Cliffhangers

26. The Plot Thickens

27. The Urban Reader

28. Thrills & Chills

29. Wine About Books

30. Words of Wisdom

Clever book club names

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When choosing a name for your book club, consider a name that’s clever and memorable.

1. A Novel Idea

2. As the Page Turns

3. Baby Got Books

4. Book Buffet

5. Bookmarked

6. Brandy New Book Club

7. Don’t Stop Readin’

8. Double Booked

9. Gory Stories

10. Gouda Book Club

11. Ink & Insights

12. Library Libations

13. Lit Happens

14. Lit off the Page

15. Literally Amazing

16. Masters of Words

17. Plot Twists

18. Prose & Cons

19. RadioRead

20. Rather Be Reading

21. Read-y or Not

22. Shelf Love

23. Spine Crackers

24. Text Best Thing

25. The Bookshelf

26. Therapy Book Club

27. Top Shelf Book Club

28. Underliners

29. Well Read, Badly Behaved

30. Well Read Women

Funny book club names

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When choosing a book club name, consider rhymes or puns related to literature.

1. Better Read than Dead

2. Book Worms

3. Bookaholics

4. Books N Booze

5. Classics Beauties

6. Flashlight Readers

7. Get Lit

8. It’s a Hardback Life

9. Lit Llamas

10. Literary Alliance

11. Literal Trash

12. Lost in a Tangent

13. More than a Book Club

14. Overbooked

15. Outrage Book Club

16. Page of Pages

17. Plot Twist Nail Biters

18. Prose before Bros

19. Punderful Pages

20. Raging Readers

21. Rather Be Reading

22. Read & Weep

23. Readers Rendezvous

24. Swirl, Smell, Sip, Read

25. Tequila Mockingbird

26. Textual Relations

27. The Book Was Better

28. The Nerd Herds

29. Title Fight

30. We like Big Books and We Cannot Lie

31. Wuthering Writes

32. You Can’t Put Us Down

Cute book club names

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The following are examples of cute book club names.

1. Babes in Bookland

2. Between the Lines

3. Book Babes

4. Book Besties

5. Book Bubbies

6. Book Eyed Peas

7. Book-ish

8. Bound by Spines

9. Boundless Bookworms

10. Chapter Chat

11. Chapter One

12. ChickLits

13. Cool Girls Read

14. Know Thy Shelf

15. Leave It to the Prose

16. Literary Ladies

17. One More Chapter

18. Page Sages

19. Paperback Pals

20. Prosecco & Prose

21. Reading Crew

22. Rosé Readers

23. Shelf Indulgence

24. Spine Aligners

25. Talking Books

26. The Bookies

27. The Write Stuff

28. Whispering Wordsmiths

29. Wines & Spines

30. Wise Words

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