180 Best Beach House Names (Creative, Dreamy, and Cool)


By Sapana Chandra

Whether your beach house has a tropical or rustic vibe, choose a name that gives it personality. Read the most popular beach house names.

House on the beach.
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A beach house provides a peaceful getaway from the stressors of daily life. It can offer a sense of relaxation and be a place to make lasting memories with family and friends.

Additionally, a beach house can be an investment opportunity. Coastal properties can be rental properties, offering a source of passive income.

If you want to name your seaside getaway, choose a name that evokes a feeling of joy and relaxation. The following are the best beach house names, including dreamy and creation options.

Big beach house on the coast.
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Choose a name that reflects your style and the vibe you want to create for your guests. It should be memorable and special.

The following are popular beach house names to help you get started.

1. Bayshore Cottage

2. Beach Cabin

3. Big Surf Bungalow

4. Bliss Bungalow

5. Blue Haven

6. Breezy Bungalow

7. Clear Water Cove

8. Coastal Den

9. Driftwood Beach House

10. Happy Beach Home

11. Hidden Paradise

12. Misty Beach House

13. Moonlight Bungalow

14. Morning Shore

15. Ocean Cove

16. Ocean View Bungalow

17. Palm Tree Bungalow

18. Paradise Cove

19. Peaceful Reef Cove

20. Saltwater Escape

21. Salty Cove

22. Sandcastle Bungalow

23. Sandy Shores Retreat

24. Sea Breeze Cottage

25. Seagull Escape

26. Seashell Nest

27. Seaside Cottage

28. Shoreline Dreams

29. Summer Days

30. Sunny Sand Beach House

31. Sunrise at the Beach

32. Sunset Shores House

33. Surfside Beach House

34. The Beach House

35. The Sunset House

36. Tranquility Beach House

Dreamy beach house names

View of the sea from inside a modern home.
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Choose a name that represents the beauty and tranquility of the beach atmosphere.

The following are cute and dreamy beach house name ideas.

1. A Quiet Place

2. Barefoot Dreams

3. Beach Chateau

4. Beachside Manor

5. Beyond the Sea Cove

6. Big Surf Beach House

7. Blue Horizon Hideaway

8. Coastal Beach House

9. Coastal Cabana

10. Cozy Cove

11. Dreamy Waters

12. Driftwood Dream

13. Edgewater Cottage

14. Island Breeze

15. Love Beach Cove

16. Low Tide Oasis

17. Mermaid Reef Retreat

18. Morning Mist Cove

19. Oceanfront Cove

20. Oceanview Oasis

21. Paradise Point Cove

22. Pine Beach Cove

23. Pleasant Beach House

24. Saltwater Hideaway

25. Sandy Shores Retreat

26. Sandy Toes Cottage

27. Sea Breeze Villa

28. Secret Bungalow

29. Seagull Cove

30. Seaside Haven

31. Seaside Solitude

32. Shoreline Retreat

33. Starfish Bungalow

34. Starlight Nest

35. Summer Waves

36. Sunflower Beach House

37. Sunrise Beach Home

38. Sunset Shack

39. The Cove

40. The Nesting Place

41. Tranquil Paradise

42. Tropical Oasis

43. Twilight Shack

44. Wishing Cove

Cool beach house names

Row of colorful houses and list of cool beach house names.
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Whether you prefer a laid-back or sophisticated style, choose a name that’s unique.

The following are cool and creative beach house names.

1. Backshore Cabin

2. Beach Bum Cove

3. Beachcomber

4. Beachside Shack

5. Captain’s Cabin

6. Coastal Nest

7. Driftwood Den

8. Edgewater Retreat

9. High Tide Cove

10. Lily Pad Beach House

11. Mermaid’s Cove

12. Ocean Breeze Nest

13. Ocean Cove

14. Paradise Villa

15. Salt Breeze Cabin

16. Saltwater Shack

17. Salty Smile Cove

18. Sand Dune Escape

19. Sandbar Cabin

20. Sandy Shore Cove

21. Sea Rock Cabin

22. Sea Star Cove

23. Seashell Shack

24. Seaside Escape

25. Shore Thing Cove

26. Spindrift Cabin

27. Starfish Pad

28. Sun & Surf House

29. Sunset Cottage

30. Surfs Up Beach House

31. Surfside Shack

32. The Beach Bungalow

33. The Oar House

34. The Sandcastle

35. The Surf Cottage

36. Tranquil Escape

37. White Sand Cove

38. Whitewater Escape

39. Wildflower Beach House

Funny beach house names

Small house on the beach and a list of funny beach house names.
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The following funny beach house names are sure to make you and your guests smile.

1. Beach House of Blues Pad

2. Beach House of Cards Bungalow

3. Beach House on the Moon

4. Beach Please Cabin

5. Beachcomber’s Bliss Bungalow

6. Coastal Charm Cabin

7. Crab Shack

8. Flip Flop Inn

9. Island Time Villa

10. Mermaid Manor

11. Nautical Nest

12. Ocean’s Eleven Bungalow

13. Reel Paradise Beach House

14. Salt Life Escape

15. Salty Seagull House

16. Sand Dollar Bungalow

17. Sand in My Shoes Beach House

18. Sandy Cheeks Hut

19. Sea La Vie Villa

20. Seas the Day Oasis

21. Seashell Shack

22. Shell Yeah Shack

23. Shore Thing Hut

24. Sun of a Beach Escape

25. Sunset Sanctuary House

26. The Beach Blanket Bungalow

27. The Saltwater Sanctuary

28. The Salty Dog Shack

29. The Sand Castle

30. The Tiki Hut

31. Tidal Wave Hut

Beach house names using your town’s name

Waterfront view from a villa.
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Consider incorporating the name of your town or the beach where your house is.

The following are examples of how to use your city’s name when naming your beach house.

1. Cape May Paradise

2. Capitola Beach Cabin

3. Cannon Beach Cove

4. Carmel Coastline

5. Carpinteria Coastal Charm

6. Coronado Cottage

7. Del Mar Dream

8. Encinitas Escape

9. Friday Harbor Beach House

10. Huntington Hideaway

11. Laguna Surf

12. La Jolla Cove Cottage

13. Malibu Breeze Oasis

14. Manhattan Beach Retreat

15. Montauk Escape Villa

16. Morro Bay Bungalow

17. Myrtle Beach Shores

18. Newport Waves

19. Oceanside Oasis

20. Pacific Palisades Paradise

21. San Clemente Shoreline

22. San Diego Seaside Villa

23. Sanibel Island Cabin

24. Santa Barbara Sandcastle

25. Santa Monica Seaview House

26. Solana Sands

27. St. Augustine Beach Escape

28. St. Petersburg Coastal Paradise

29. Sullivan’s Island Cove

30. Venice Beach View

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