110+ Best Bookstore Names (Classic, Creative, and Modern)


By Sapana Chandra

Opening a bookstore can be a great way to turn a passion for books into a profitable business. Get inspired with the best bookstore names.

Books on shelves inside a bookstore.
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Opening a bookstore can be a rewarding way to make a living. Despite ebooks, there are still more bookstores than other types of retail businesses.

With good marketing, you can expand your business by opening more bookstores.

Additionally, a bookstore can serve as a social hub for your local community. You can host events and collaborate with other local businesses.

Kick off your business and make a great first impression with a memorable bookstore name. Get inspired by the following bookstore names that are classic, creative, and funny.

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Classic bookstore names

Close-up of rows of books.
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The following are classic name ideas for your bookstore. Their timeless appeal will attract customers of all ages.

1. All the Books

2. Book Exchange

3. City Books

4. Classic Bookstore

5. Classic Reads

6. Daily Books

7. Downtown Books

8. Everybody Bookstore

9. Great Books

10. Just Books

11. Landmark Books

12. Old Town Books

13. New Chapter

14. Offline Books

15. Page Turners

16. Paperback City

17. Pop’s Country Bookstore

18. Secret Garden Boostore

19. Stories Unlimited

20. Uptown Books

21. We Love Books

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Cute bookstore names

Winding staircase in old bookstore.
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Cute bookstore names aim to evoke a feeling of learning in a comfortable atmosphere. The following are examples of adorable bookstore name ideas.

1. Alley Cat Bookstore

2. Book Attic

3. Book Buddies

4. Book Buzz

5. Book Corner

6. Book Fairy Shop

7. Book Market

8. Book Rack

9. Bookworms

10. Dancing Goat Bookstore

11. Friends Bookstore

12. Kids Reading Corner

13. Lady Books

14. Little Book Shop

15. Munchkin Bookstore

16. Page Turners

17. Reading Garden

18. Reading Nook

19. Reading Station

20. Small Books

21. Sweet Reads

22. The Book Shop

23. The Bookshelf

24. Twice Read

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Creative bookstore names

Girl holding stack of five books.
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When choosing a name for your bookstore, consider a unique name that’s memorable and easy to find. Keep in mind that the name should be easy to remember and pronounce.

The following are bookstore names that will catch your customers’ attention.

1. A Likely Story

2. Alley Cat Bookstore

3. Between the Lines

4. Book Exchange

5. Book Holders

6. Book Shack

7. Book Truck

8. Bookaholics

9. Bookend Co.

10. Bookland

11. Bookly

12. Brainy Reads

13. Dusty Books

14. Endless Books

15. Hooked on Books

16. Keyhole Books

17. Literary Club

18. One More Chapter

19. One More Page

20. Overbooked

21. Reading Delight

22. Reading Warriors

23. Square Books

24. Story Corner

25. The Book Cabin

26. The Page-Turner

27. Twice Told Tales

28. Wise Words

29. Wonderful Books

Modern bookstore names

Cases filled with books.
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If your bookstore has a unique and quirky atmosphere, give it a modern and hip name.

Modern names reflect a trendy, contemporary atmosphere and appeal to a younger demographic. Consider using the city or neighborhood in the name.

1. Book Bin

2. Book Culture

3. Book People

4. Book Republic

5. Booktown

6. Chapters

7. Drama Corner

8. Hardback Living

9. Living Words

10. Mixed Minds

11. Modern Bookstore

12. Modern Reads

13. Mostly Books

14. New Light Books

15. New Pages

16. Next Chapter

17. Novel Idea

18. Offline Books

19. Paper Curls

20. Perfect Crime Bookstore

21. Rustic Reads

Funny bookstore names

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Funny bookstore names aim to bring a smile to people’s faces. Consider using puns or clever play on words to make the name memorable.

1. All Booked

2. As the Book Worms

3. Bookaholics

4. Buy the Book

5. Fiction Addiction

6. How to Book

7. It’s a Hardback Life

8. Mad Cow Press

9. Pick A Book

10. Read & Be Wise

11. Run for Cover

12. Shelf Care

13. Shelf Indulgence Books

14. To-Be-Read Bookstore

15. Twice Sold Tales

16. What the Book

17. Writers Block Bookstore

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