100+ Best Gas Station Names (Clever, Catchy, and Creative)


By Sapana Chandra

Once you decide to open a gas station business, you need a name. Get inspired with clever, catchy, and modern gas station names.

Close-up of gas pump at gas station.
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A gas station business can be profitable if you have the knowledge and experience. There are more than 145,000 gas station establishments in the United States.

Gas stations provide a critical service for drivers who need to fuel their vehicles. They also sell other products, including snacks and beverages, which can generate revenue.

Make a great first impression with a catchy business name. The following are examples of clever and catchy gas station names to help you find the perfect one.

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Classic gas station names

Gas station in the evening.
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The following are classic gas station name ideas.

1. 24/7 Gas Station

2. Ace Fuel

3. Always First Fuel Stop

4. Budget Gas Station

5. Fuel Depot

6. Fuel Plaza

7. Diesel Plus

8. Gas Company

9. Gas Pump

10. Gas Stop

11. Gasoline Corner

12. Happy Gas

13. Mini Mart & Gas

14. One Stop Gas

15. Peak Fuel

16. Petrol Plaza

17. Petrol Pump

18. Power Fuel

19. Pump & Go

20. Pump Up

21. Quick Stop

22. Simply Automotive

23. Super Station

24. The Gas Store

25. The Fuel Stop

Creative gas station names

A sign that says gas.
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Choose a name that will set your gas station part. The following are creative and catchy gas station names.

1. Barefoot Fuel

2. Country Pump

3. Fast Fill Up

4. Fill-Up Station

5. Fresh Start

6. Gas and Go

7. Gas Craft

8. Gas Profile

9. Gas Republic

10. Gas Stop & Cafe

11. Gas Supply

12. Fuel & Coffee

13. Fuel Dude

14. Fuel Proposition

15. Fuel Rises

16. Liberty Gas Stop

17. One Stop Fuel

18. Petrol Volt

19. Pit Stop Gas Stop

20. Pure Gas Mart

21. Rooster Pump

22. Speed Stop

23. The Gas Stop

24. Tiger Fuel

25. Trip Fuel

26. Up Your Gas

Modern gas station name

Gas station pump in the daytime.
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Modern names reflect a contemporary atmosphere and appeal to a younger demographic.

If your gas station has a unique and updated atmosphere, give it a modern and hip name.

1. Fast Gas

2. Fast Lane

3. Fuel & Coffee

4. Fuel Den

5. Fuel Drop

6. Fuel Feedback

7. Fuel Hammock

8. Fuel Kettle

9. Fuel Lane

10. Fuel Line

11. Fuel Rise

12. Gas Community

13. Gas Vault

14. Happy Fuel

15. More Fuel

16. Next Octane

17. Olive Gas Stop

18. Palate Petrol

19. Pipeline

20. Pump Flora

21. Pump Stop

22. Quick Gas Co.

23. Simply Gas

24. Vault Gas Station

25. Voyage Fuel

Funny gas station names

Close-up of four gas pumps.
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Funny gas station names aim to bring a smile to people’s faces. They often have witty and quirky connotations and use a play on words.

1. 24/7 Pumping

2. Fill ‘er Up!

3. Fill Up

4. Fire Up Your Tank

5. Fuel Cognition

6. Fuel Up and Go

7. Full Tank Please

8. Gas Fast

9. Gas Feedback

10. Gas Hole

11. Gas Wipe

12. Get Energized

13. Hungry for Gas

14. Lift a Hose

15. Lots of Gas

16. Lotta Fuel

17. Mama Diesel

18. Over My Gas

19. Pipe Patrol

20. Pump Your Gas

21. Smog Central

22. Super Pump

23. Too Much Gas

24. Up Your Gas

25. Up Your Tank

Tips for naming your gas station

Your business name is vital and can impact the success of your gas station. Take the time to choose a name that reflects your brand and resonates with your customers.

Here are some tips to help you come up with the perfect gas station name:

1. Choose words related to gas stations. Brainstorm words that will represent your shop’s traits and personality.

2. Research your competitors. It will help you avoid potential trademark issues and give you some ideas.

3. Keep it simple and memorable. A name that’s simple will help customers find and share your gas station the next time they need to fuel up.

4. Ask your family and friends. Ask your family and friends for their feedback on different ideas. They may have suggestions you may not have otherwise considered.

We hope these tips help you find the perfect name for your gas station.

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