180 Best Bakery Name Ideas (Cute, Creative, and Catchy)


By Sapana Chandra

If you decide that a bakery business is your ideal path, you’ll need a memorable name. Get inspired by the best bakery name ideas.

Bakery items on display.
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Baking is a great way to express yourself. You can be creative with the ingredients, flavor, and presentation of your baked goods.

Opening your own bakery can be a great way to express your creativity and bring joy to your customers.

Not only can you create beautiful and delicious baked goods, but it’s also a great way to make a living. The baking industry employs almost 800,000 people in the United States.

If you have the passion and drive, then starting your own bakery may be the perfect choice for you.

The following are the best bakery names to help you find the perfect one for you.

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Catchy and unique bakery name ideas

Variety of baked goods in bakery.
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When choosing a name for your bakery, consider a catchy name. It should be memorable and easy to find.

The following are bakery names that will catch your customers’ attention.

1. Bake Of Dawn

2. Bliss Bakery

3. Breaking Bread

4. Charming Cakes

5. Clever Cookie

6. Cookie Corner

7. Cookie Rush

8. Cupcake Nation

9. Cute Cakes

10. Daily Delights

11. Dream Pies

12. Flour Bakery & Cafe

13. Frosted Bites

14. In The Oven

15. On The Rise

16. Perfectly Sweet

17. Pie Bar

18. Quick Bakes

19. Simply Baked

20. Sugar & Spice

21. Sunrise Bakery

22. Sunrise Pie

23. Sunrise Puffs

24. Sweet Corner

25. Sweet Dreams

26. Sweet Indulgences

27. Sweet Little Bites

28. Tasty Bakes

29. The Bread Box

30. The Cake Express

31. The Dough Knot

32. The Vanilla Bean

33. Warm Delights

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Cute bakery name ideas

A hand piping frosting on cupcakes.
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Choosing a cute bakery name can help make a lasting impression on customers. It can appear more inviting and friendly, which can help you get more customers.

The following are examples of adorable bakery names.

1. Baked Creations

2. Bread & Butter

3. Buttercup

4. Cake Fairy

5. Cake House

6. Cake Time

7. Cookie Crumble

8. Cupcake Bakery

9. Cupcake Bliss

10. Cutie Pies

11. Heirloom Bakery

12. Hello Desserts

13. Honey Buns

14. Just a Slice

15. Just Bake

16. La Maison Bakery

17. Make It Sweet

18. Mr. Cake

19. Nutmeg Bakes

20. Piece of Cake

21. Sugar & Flour

22. Sugar Fix

23. Sweet & Buttered

24. Sweet Bites

25. Sweet Obsession

26. Sweet Sprinkles

27. Sweet Thing

28. Sweet Tooth

29. Sweeter Side

30. Sweetest Bite

31. Tastemaker Bakery

32. The Cookie Jar

33. The Donut Hole

34. The Little Bake Shop

35. The Sweet Spot

36. Toasted Nutmeg

37. Toasted Sugar

38. 5th Ave Bakery

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Modern bakery name ideas

Modern bakery with a variety of pastries.
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A modern bakery name can give your new business a more contemporary feel. It can make it more appealing to younger customers and help your bakery stand out.

The following are examples of modern bakery names.

1. Bake Bar

2. Baked Harvest

3. Baked Provisions

4. Baked Up

5. Bread Basket

6. Cake Batter

7. Cake Lounge

8. Cakes & Co.

9. Cakes N Cookies

10. Canelle Bakery

11. Chic Sweets

12. Clever Cookie

13. Crumbs

14. Donut Bar

15. Fresh Apron

16. Frosted

17. Healthy Cakes

18. House of Bread

19. Just Baked

20. Layers

21. Local & Baked

22. Make It Sweet

23. Modern Bakery

24. Monster Cookies

25. Neighbor Oven

26. Ovenly

27. Pastry Project

28. Proof Bakery

29. Pure Bread

30. Rise + Bake

31. Rising Loaf

32. Roadside Bakes

33. Sprinkles

34. Sugar & Sprinkles

35. Sweet & Baked

36. Sweet Eats

37. Tartine

38. Tasty Provisions

39. The Bake Lab

40. The Milk Bar

41. The Oven

42. Urban Bakes

43. Wake & Bake

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Funny bakery name ideas

Close-up of various loaves of bread.
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Humor is a great way to make your bakery stand out. If you want to draw people in and make them laugh, choose a funny name or play on words.

The following are examples of funny bakery names.

1. Bake n’ Flake

2. Bake n’ Take

3. Bake Me Happy

4. Bake My Day

5. Bake Off

6. Bake Your Heart

7. Baking Bad

8. Bread Pitt

9. Buns of Steel

10. Butter Up Bakery

11. Cake, Battle and Roll

12. Cake A Diem

13. Cake My Day

14. Cake Squared

15. Cake Time

16. Cake Walk

17. Caked Up

18. Cherry on Top

19. Cookie Monster

20. Flour Power

21. Flour Shower

22. Fluffy Buns

23. Frost Goddess

24. Frost Me Cafe

25. Gimme a Bake

26. Golden Donut

27. House of Bread

28. Muffin Top

29. Pie in the Sky

30. Queen of Tarts

31. Rockin’ Rolls

32. Shades of Cake

33. Stairway to Leaven

34. Sugar Mama

35. Sweet Cheeks

36. Sweet Sensations

37. Sweetie Pies

38. The Muffin Man

39. The Rolling Pin

41. Twisted Cakes

42. Upper Crust Bakery

43. You Knead Cake

Bakery name ideas using your name

Woman holding pie in bakery.
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Using your name in your bakery name can help personalize your brand. It can also help establish trust and credibility with your customers.

The following are examples of how to include your name in your new business name.

1. Adele’s Pastry Co.

2. Ally’s Fresh Pies

3. Baked by Charlotte

4. Brad’s Cake Shop

5. Carl’s Cakes

6. Chelsea’s Bake Shop

7. Dahlia’s Bakehouse

8. Doug’s Bakehouse

9. Ella’s Cookies

10. Emma’s Cupcakes

11. Gina’s Batter

12. Jenny’s Mixing Bowl

13. Jerry’s Cookie Rack

14. Joel’s Bread Bakery

15. Julia’s French Bakery & Cafe

16. Juliette’s Patisserie

17. Zoe the Bakery

18. Karla’s Custom Cakes

19. Lily’s Baked Goods

20. Mia’s Italian Cookies

21. Olivia’s Bakery

22. Suzy’s Scones

23. Sweet Lea Bakery

24. The Smiths Bakery

Tips on naming your new bakery

Here are some tips to help you come up with the perfect name for your new bakery business:

1. Focus on the type of bakery you’ll be running. Do you specialize in specific baked goods, such as donuts or cupcakes? If so, you could include that in the name of your business.

2. Consider your target market. What type of customers do you want to attract? Consider the specific demographic you’re aiming to attract.

3. Use a play on words. Choose a phrase or pun your customers can relate to and incorporate it into your bakery name.

4. Brainstorm with friends and family. They may have creative ideas you wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

5. Do a quick search online of existing bakery names. It will help you avoid potential trademark issues and give you some ideas.

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