84 Tree Names for Babies (With Meanings)


By Sapana Chandra

If you’re a nature lover and consider your baby a little sapling, tree names are a perfect fit. Check out the best tree names, including their meanings.

Baby boy planting a tree outside.
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Names can play an important role when it comes to identity.

The name you choose for your baby impacts who they are and will become.

If you love trees and nature, tree names are the perfect match.

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Trees, forests, and nature evoke feelings of wonder, strong roots, and the ability to weather the seasons.

It’s no wonder names like Willow and Rowan are among the top 200 according to the Social Security Administration.

If you’re looking for an A-to-Z list of tree names for your baby, you’ve come to the right place. The names are as follows.

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Gender-neutral tree names for babies

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Whether you want a common or unique tree name, the following are the best gender-neutral options.

Alameda: A Spanish name for cottonwood or poplar trees.

Alder: The alder tree is a common choice for stabilizing soil in wet areas or reforestation projects. It has a unique way of obtaining nutrients. The name is perfect for raising a person who thinks outside the box.

Apple: The name refers to the apple fruit and tree. It became popular after Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter after the wholesome fruit.

Arden: A British name meaning “great forest” or “valley of the eagle.”

Aspen: Old English origin meaning “shaking poplar tree.” It can also refer to the chic ski town in Colorado.

Beech: The beech tree is hard, tough, and known to live for 200 to 300 years.

Berkley: A Scottish name meaning “birch tree meadow.” Birch trees symbolize growth, stability, and renewal. The well-known college UC Berkeley may also come to mind.

Bjork: A Swedish name meaning “birch.” You can also spell it as Björk, Björck, or Biörck.

Chaney: A French name meaning “oak tree.”

Cypress: It’s a coniferous tree that symbolizes everlasting life.

Dara: An Irish name meaning “oak tree” or “wisdom.” Spelling variations include Daire or Darragh.

Elm: A name referring to the elm tree.

Figueroa: A Spanish name meaning “fig tree.”

Hollis: An English name meaning “dweller at the holly trees.”

Kiri or Kiry: A Maori name meaning “tree bark.” It also has Cambodian origins meaning “mountain summit.”

Lennox: A Scottish and Gaelic name meaning “elm grove.”

Linden: Linden trees were sacred in Slavic mythology. The flowers also attract bees, making them an excellent source of honey. Linden is the perfect name for a spring or summer baby.

Lindley: A name of Old English origins meaning “from the lime wood.”

Marlowe or Marlow: An English and French name meaning “driftwood” or “from the hill by the lake.”

Oak: The oak tree is special because it can live hundreds of years. They’re beautiful trees that represent honor, nobility, and wisdom.

Oakley: An English name meaning “meadow of oak trees.”

Rowan: A small deciduous tree with brilliant red berries. In folklore, it’s the tree of life.

Sequoia: The Sequoia is one of the oldest and rarest trees. The General Sherman Tree in California is a Sequoia, and it’s the world’s tallest tree. As a human’s name, Sequoia has Cherokee origins. It means “sparrow.”

Shay or Shea: A name that refers to the shea tree, which provides shea butter. It also has Irish and Gaelic origins meaning “admirable,” “dauntless one,” and fortunate.”

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Tree names for girls

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Give your baby girl a name that symbolizes strength and beauty. The following are the best tree-inspired girl names.

Acacia: Acacias are durable and graceful trees that grow in warm climates. The name has Greek origins and means “thorny.” It produces beautiful flowers which protect themselves with thorns.

Ainsley: A Scottish name meaning “one’s own meadow.”

Alani: A rare citrus tree found in Hawaii. The name means “orange tree.”

Ashley or Ashly: An Old English name meaning “ash tree.”

Ayla: A Turkish and Hebrew name meaning “oak tree,” “halo,” or “moonlight.”

Belenda or Belinda: The name means “beautiful,” but it also has ties to the German name, Betlinde, meaning “bright linden tree.”

Cassia: It refers to the cassia tree. It has brilliant pink, red, orange, or yellow flowers. Cassia also has Greek and Polish origins meaning “cinnamon” or “pure.”

Daphne: A name of Greek origin meaning “laurel tree.” In Greek mythology, Daphne was also a minor goddess associated with fountains, wells, and springs.

Eila: A Hebrew name meaning “oak tree” or “bright light.”

Ellery: A British name meaning “lives by the alder tree” or “joyful.”

Elowen: A modern name with a classic feel. Elowen is a Cornish name meaning “oak tree.” You can also spell it as Elowyn or Elowynn.

Evora: A Portuguese name meaning “yew tree.”

Geneva: A name with German and French origins meaning “juniper tree.”

Hazel: A name that refers to the hazelnut tree. It’s a small tree that grows in mild climates.

Idra: An Aramaic and Hebrew name meaning “fig tree.” The fig tree is a symbol of peace, prosperity, and education.

Ilana: A Hebrew name meaning “tree.”

Juniper: A coniferous tree that can survive in harsh and bare climates. The name has Latin roots, meaning “young” or “evergreen.”

Laurel: A Latin name meaning “laurel tree.” The laurel is an aromatic evergreen tree. It has also been used for herbal medicine. You can also use a related name, such as Laura, Lori, Lauren, or Lorraine.

Magnolia: A beautiful flowering tree with a sweet fragrance. The name Magnolia has Latin origins, meaning “a flower.”

Melia: The names comes from the Greek word for “ash tree.”

Olive or Olivia: An English name that refers to the olive tree. The olive branch and wreath are symbols of peace and victory.

Pomona: In Roman mythology, Pomona was the goddess of fruit trees.

Randa: A name with Arabic and English origins meaning “delicate desert tree” or “worthy of admiration.”

Sadira: A Persian name meaning “lotus tree.”

Sakura: A Japanese name meaning “cherry blossom.” The cherry blossom is a beautiful tree and symbolic of spring. It represents renewal.

Willow: An Old English name referring to the willow tree or meaning “freedom.” Willow trees are symbols of fertility and new life.

Yvonne or Yvon: A French name referring to the yew tree, which symbolizes strength and rebirth.

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Tree names for boys

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If you want your baby boy to value nature as much as you do, give him a tree name. The following are the best tree names for boys.

Acer: The name has Latin origins and refers to the maple tree. It’s a classic and gorgeous tree that’s fast-growing and durable. Acer also has English origins meaning “number one” or “the best.”

Ackley: An Old English name meaning “oak tree meadow.”

Adahy: A name with Native American origins meaning “lives in the woods.” You can pronounce it as ah-da-he or ah-da-high.

Arvid: A Scandinavian name meaning “forest of eagles.”

Ash: A tree in the olive and lilac family. Ash trees are known for restoring natural systems and providing shade. The name has Hebrew origins, as it can be derived from Asher, meaning “happy.”

Ashton: It has Old English origins and means “from the ash tree” or “ash tree town.”

Banyan: The banyan fig tree is famous for its aerial roots. It looks unique and majestic. The name also has English origins meaning “merchant.” Some also refer to it as “the God tree.”

Birk: A name of French origin referring to the birch treen and meaning “bright” or “shining.”

Bruce: A French, Scottish, and English name meaning “the willow-lands.” Bruce is also a strong name that represents being ahead of your time.

Cullen: An Irish and Gaelic name meaning “holly tree” or “handsome.” The holly tree is also a symbol of fertility and eternal life.

Danner: A German name meaning “dweller near the fig tree.”

Douglas: The name refers to the evergreen conifer, the Douglas fir. Its wood is also one of the strongest among softwoods.

Elon: A name of Hebrew origin meaning “oak tree.”

Fraser: It refers to the Fraser fir, a tree native to the Appalachian Mountains. It also has Scottish origins meaning “strawberry.”

Garrick: An Old French name derived from the Occitan word “garric.” It means “oak tree grove.”

Hemlock: The Canadian hemlock is a graceful evergreen tree. It has fragrant green needles and a pyramidal shape. It’s also not related to the hemlock that poisoned Socrates.

Hideki: A Japanese name meaning “tree” or “excellence.”

Koa: The acacia koa is a flowering tree native to the Hawaiian Islands. In the Hawaiian language, it means “bold,” “fearless,” or “warrior.”

Lam: A Vietnamese name meaning “forest.”

Lapu: A Native American name meaning “cedar bark.”

Mandar: An Indian name meaning “coral tree” or “tree in heaven.”

Nash: An English name meaning “by the ash tree.”

Perrie: A name with French and Old English origins. It means “pear tree” or “dweller by the pear tree.” You can spell also spell it as Perry.

Roscoe: A Cornish and Norse name meaning “deer forest.” You can also spell it as Rosco.

Soto: A Spanish name meaning “small wood” or “grove.”

Sylvan: A name of Latin origins meaning “of the forest.”

Tapio: A Finnish name that refers to the god of forests.

Tomer: A Hebrew name that means “palm tree.”

Vernon: An English and Gaelic name meaning “alder tree” or “full of life.”

Xylander: A Greek name meaning “forest man.”

Yasen: A Bulgarian name meaning “ash tree.”

Yavor: A Bulgarian name meaning “maple tree.”

Yukia: A Japanese name meaning “gentle tree.”

Now that you’ve gone through a complete list of tree names and their meanings, you can pick the ideal name.

Tree names are the perfect choice to symbolize strength, resilience, endurance, and beauty.

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