74 Bright Baby Names That Mean Light


By Sapana Chandra

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Your baby brings light to your life. That’s why they deserve an illuminating name. Get the top boys, girls, and gender-neutral names that mean light.

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Babies have radiant smiles, innocence, and gentleness.

Give your baby a name that means light will encourage them to shine.

It’s inspirational, airy, and welcoming.

The following are excellent options for names that mean light.

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Gender-neutral names meaning light

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1. Beacon: Meaning “signal light” in English.

2. Cahya: Indonesian name meaning “the light”.

3. Hikaru: Japanese name meaning “light” or “to shine”.

4. Lior or Leor: Hebrew name meaning “my light”.

5. Lux: Greek name meaning “light”.

6. Nuri: Arabic and Hebrew name meaning “my light”.

7. Ori: Hawaiian name meaning “my light”.

8. Sunny: English name for sunlight or sunshine.

9. Ziya: Turkish name for “light”.

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Girl names that mean light

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1. Abha: Indian name for “light” or “splendor”.

2. Aila or Ayla: Meaning “moonlight” in Hebrew and Turkish.

3. Alina: Greek name meaning “light” or “truth”.

4. Aonani: Hawaiian name meaning “beautiful light”.

5. Claire: Latin and French name meaning “light”, “bright”, or “clear”.

6. Dawn: English name meaning “the first appearance of light”.

7. Elaine: French and Scottish name meaning “shining light”.

8. Eleanora: A name of Greek, French, Italian, and Spanish origin meaning “shining light”.

9. Ellen: Greek and English name meaning “shining light”.

10. Faven: Eritrean name meaning “light”.

11. Helena: Greek name meaning “shining light”.

12. Iliana: Greek and Bulgarian name meaning “light”.

13. Lampetia: The personification of light in Greek mythology.

14. Leora: Hebrew name meaning “I have light” or “light unto me”.

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15. Lucia: Spanish and Italian name for “light”.

16. Lucy: English name meaning “light”.

17. Luz: Meaning “light” in Spanish.

18. Malana: Hawaiian name for “light” or “buoyant”.

19. Nahara: Aramaic name meaning “light”.

20. Nora: Meaning “light” in Hebrew and Arabic.

21. Oralee: Hebrew name meaning “my light”.

22. Raelynn: American name meaning “beam of light”.

23. Sanaa: Swahili name for “shining light” or “work of art”.

24. Saskia: Meaning “valley of light” in Danish and German.

25. Svetlana: Russian and Slavic name for “light”.

26. Thea or Theia: The Greek goddess of light.

27. Toula: Greek name meaning “light”.

28. Yetta: Yiddish name meaning “light”.

Boy names that mean light

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1. Anwar: Arabic name for “light” or “luminous”.

2. Avner: Meaning “father of light” in Hebrew.

3. Dritan: Albanian and Swiss name meaning “light”.

4. Guang: Chinese name meaning “light”.

5. Kiran: Sanskrit name meaning “ray of light”.

6. Lucas: Greek and Latin name meaning “bringer of light”.

7. Luciano: Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese name meaning “light”.

8. Lucifer: Latin name meaning “light-bringing” or “morning star”.

9. Oran: Aramaic and Irish name for “light”.

10. Pradeep: Indian name meaning “light”, “lamp”, or “lantern”.

11. Prakash: Hindi name for “light”.

12. Ray: English name for “line of light”.

13. Roshan: Persian, Indian, and Hindu name meaning “splendid light”.

14. Uri: Hebrew name meaning “my light”.

15. Uriel: Hebrew name meaning “God is my light”.

Girl names that mean bright

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1. Aine: Irish name meaning “brightness” or “radiance”.

2. Akiko: Japanese name meaning “bright child”.

3. Apollo: Greek name for light.

4. Bertha: German name meaning “bright”.

5. Chiara: Italian name for “bright” or “luminous”.

6. Clara: Latin for “clear” or “bright”.

7. Clarissa: Latin and German origin meaning “bright”.

8. Phoebe: Greek for “bright” or “radiant”.

9. Roxanne or Roxana: Greek name meaning “bright star”.

10. Senna: Arabic name meaning “brightness”.

11. Shirley: English name meaning “bright” or “clear”.

12. Yelena: Russian name for “bright” or “shining one”.

13. Ziva: Hebrew name meaning “bright”, “radiance”, or “light of God”.

Boy names that mean bright

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1. Albert: German name for “bright” or “noble”.

2. Albus: Latin name for “white” or “bright”.

3. Brighton: English name meaning “bright town”.

4. Fynn: German and Irish name meaning “bright” or “fair”.

5. Ming: Chinese name for “shining bright”.

6. Rupert: German name for “bright” and “fame”.

7. Thanh: Vietnamese name meaning “bright blue” or “brilliant”.

8. Tohar: Hebrew name meaning “bright” or “pure”.

9. Xavier: Arabic and Spanish name meaning “bright” or “new house”.

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