54 Names That Mean Green for Boys and Girls


By Sapana Chandra

Green is the color of life. It also has ties to St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland. Read the different names that mean green to find one for your baby.

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Green is a gorgeous color associated with nature. It’s the color of plants and trees.

Also, it symbolizes luck, life, wealth, and renewal.

With so many positive meanings, green baby names are an excellent choice.

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The following is a list of the many names that mean green. You’ll find unique, meaningful, and beautiful options.

Gender-neutral names that mean green

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Binda: An Aboriginal name meaning “green place.”

Cyan: An American name meaning “greenish-blue color.”

Denver: A French and English name meaning “green valley” or “from Anvers.”

Fern: An English name referring to the green vascular plant.

Grun: A German name meaning “greenery.”

Hunter: An English name meaning “someone who hunts.” Hunter is also the name of a dark green color.

Kelly: A Gaelic name meaning “warrior” or “bright-headed.” Kelly green is also an intense and pure green color.

Laurel: A Latin name meaning “laurel tree.” It’s an evergreen tree or shrub with glossy leaves.

Oran: An Irish name meaning “green” or “light.”

Sage: A Latin name meaning “wise.” Sage is also a grey-green color.

Teal or Teale: An American name meaning a greenish-blue color.

Verde: A Spanish name meaning “green.”

Verdell: A Latin and French name meaning “green” and “growing.”

Verdi: An Italian name meaning “green.”

Viridian: A Latin name meaning “green.”

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Girl names that mean green

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Aneeza: An Arabic name meaning “green valleys” or “happiness.”

Aranyaka: A Hindu name meaning “one who lives in a forest.”

Beryl: A Greek name derived from the gemstone that’s blue, green, or yellow.

Blerina: A Swiss name meaning “greenery.”

Blerta: An Albanian name meaning “green” or “blossom.”

Charelle: An American name meaning “green gemstone” or “cherry fruit.”

Chartreuse: A French name referring to a yellow-green color.

Chloe: A Greek name meaning “young green shoot” or “blooming.”

Cloris: A Greek name meaning “green” and “blooming.”

Emerald: An English name meaning “green gemstone.” Emerald is May’s birthstone, and it’s a symbol of wealth, love, wisdom, and success.

Esmeralda: A Spanish and Portuguese name meaning “emerald.” Esmeralda is also a fictional character in Victor Hugo’s renowned novel, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

Giada: An Italian name meaning “jade.”

Greenlee: An English name meaning “green clearing.”

Harita: A name with Indian origins meaning “green.”

Ivy: An English and Latin name meaning “vine.” The name derives from the climbing evergreen plant that symbolizes eternity and fertility.

Jade: A Spanish and English name meaning “precious stone.” The jade gemstone is a soft green color.

Jaida: An English and Hebrew name meaning “green stone” or “jade.”

Luntian: A Filipino name meaning “green.”

Midori: A Japanese name meaning “green.”

Myrtle: A Latin and Greek name derived from the myrtle tree. It’s an evergreen tree that symbolizes love, luck, and prosperity.

Olive: An English name meaning “olive tree” or referring to the green olive.

Peridot: An Arabic name meaning “green gemstone.”

Phyllis: A Greek name meaning “greenery” or “foliage.”

Verna: A Latin name meaning “spring green” or “springtime.”

Viridis: A medieval Italian name meaning “green.”

Yarkona: A Hebrew name meaning “green.”

Zelenka: A Czech and Croatian name meaning “green.”

Boy names that mean green

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Akhdar: An Arabic name meaning “green.”

Ardan: A Latin and English name meaning “green forest.”

Berde: A Filipino name meaning “green.”

Berilo: A Spanish and Greek name meaning “pale green gemstone” or “beryl.”

Celadon: A French name that refers to the grey-green color in pottery.

Forrest: An English name meaning “of the woods or forest.” All the trees make it abundant with the color green.

Irving: A Scottish name meaning “green water or river.”

Matlal: An Aztec name meaning “dark green.”

Moss: An English name meaning “descendant of Moses.” Moss is also a green plant that grows in damp or shady areas.

Oleander: A Greek name meaning “evergreen tree.”

Vardon: A French name meaning “from the green hill.”

Xanh: “Green” in Vietnamese.

Whether green is your favorite color or you love nature, extend your passion for the color to your baby.

As a color, green symbolizes success, life, and wellness.

Since you want the best for your baby, names that mean green are well-fitting.

Now that you’ve read the list, which name did you choose and why?

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