100+ Cute Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend



If you’re in a romantic relationship, nicknames are cute, endearing, and imply trust. Get the best ideas of nicknames to call your boyfriend.

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Giving your boyfriend a nickname shows intimacy, affection, and trust.

It’s a special name that you two share, deepening your bond.

It lets him know he’s more than a friend and an important part of your life.

While it may seem like a small gesture, it makes a big difference.

The following are the best nicknames to call your boyfriend.

You’ll also find ideas for how to save his name in your contacts.

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Best nicknames to call your boyfriend

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1. Baby

It’s a classic and makes your boyfriend feel loved.

2. Bubba

If they’re just too precious.

3. Snuggles

If your boyfriend gives the best cuddles.

4. Light of my life

If your boyfriend brings the light to your world.

5. King or prince

It’ll make your boyfriend feel like royalty.

6. Stud

This nickname is perfect for the guy who does it all.

7. Cutes

It’s perfect for the adorable boyfriend.

8. Sexy stuff

If he’s just irresistible.

9. Bubbly

For the bubbly boy.

10. Casanova

For the lover.

11. McDreamy

For the boyfriend that’s so handsome.

12. Wookie

If he’s a Star Wars fan.

13. Goober

For the silly boyfriend.

14. Dimples

If his dimples always make you smile.

15. Darling

If he’s just so dear to your heart.

16. Hunk

For the boyfriend that’s been hitting the gym.

17. Soulmate

Forever together.

18. Hottie

In case your boyfriend needs a reminder.

19. Charms

If your boyfriend can make anyone love him.

20. Love bug

Just sing it.

21. Babes

Simple and perfect.

22. Romeo

For the hopeless romantic.

23. Boy toy

If that’s what he is.

24. Button

He’s too cute.

25. Crush

He’s your forever crush.

26. Other half

You complete each other.

27. Heartstopper

Your heart stops every time you see him.

28. Doodle bug

For the artistic and cute boyfriend.

29. Prince Charming

For the fairy-tale romance.

30. Yum yum or yummy

A tasty nickname for a tasty boyfriend.

31. Mister

Make it old school.

32. Love

It’s what you’re feeling.

Boyfriend nicknames in different languages

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1. Mi amor

In Spanish, it means “my love”.

2. Kuʻu aloha

“My love” in Hawaiian.

3. Amore

“Love” in Italian.

4. Mon amour

“My love” in French.

5. Mi rey

“My king” in Spanish.

6. Amorzinho

“Darling” in Portuguese.

7. A babám

“My baby” in Hungarian.

8. Leannán

“Lover” in Irish.

9. Yeobo

“Sweetheart” in Korean.

10. Habib Albi

“My sweetheart” in Arabic.

11. Aşkım

“My love” in Turkish.

12. Zhizn moya

“My life” in Russian.

13. Elsker

“Lover” in Danish.

14. Pati

“Husband” in Hindi.

15. Mera pyaar

“My love” in Hindi.

16. Aijin

“Lover” in Japanese.

17. Liébling

“Darling” in German.

18. Schat

“Treasure” in Dutch.

19. Matok

“Sweetie” in Hebrew

20. Sayangku

“My dear” in Indonesian.

21. Beau

“Handsome” in French.

22. Mon ange

“My angel” in French.

Food and drink nicknames to call your boyfriend

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1. Apple of my eye

2. Muffin

3. Tater tot

4. Honey

5. Big Mac

6. Peanut

7. Cookie

8. Jellybean

9. Cupcake

10. Meatball

11. Chicken nugget

12. Bean

13. Snickers

14. Popsicle

15. Sweet pea

16. Soda pop

17. McMuffin

18. Dumpling

19. Sugar

20. Hot Sauce

21. Candy

22. Marshmallow

23. Hot cakes

24. Chocolate drop

25. Pineapple

26. Biscuit

27. Brownie

28. Pickle

Contact name ideas for your boyfriend

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1. Baby 💖

2. Bae 😍

3. My ❤️

4. Husband 🥹 💍

5. Mywholeheart 💕

6. My boo 💞

7. My world 🌎 💗

8. My love 💘 ✨

9. My lover 🥰

10. Loml ❤️ ♾️

11. Bubba 💜

12. My one & only 😍 💕

13. Handsome 😍 🤤

14. (First name) (Last name) 💍 ❤️

15. Sweetie 💗

16. Baby bear 🧸 🧡

17. Love 💘

18. Sexy 😈 ❤️

19. Babe ❣️

20. Headache 🤕 ❤️

21. My forever 💝

22. Prince 👑 ❤️

23. My king 👑 💍 💞

24. Darling 😘 💗

25. Sweetie 💖

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