301 Best Food Truck Name Ideas


By Sapana Chandra

Once you decide that a food truck business is your ideal path, you need a memorable name. Get inspired by the best food truck name ideas.

Food truck with person inside.
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Food trucks offer delicious food and fast preparation times. It’s no wonder they’ve grown in popularity.

If you’ve decided to start a food truck business, make your efforts worthwhile with an ideal name.

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The name of your food truck is the first experience a customer will have. It should be short, simple, and memorable.

To get you started on the right path, the following is an extensive list of the best food truck name ideas.

You’ll find names for different types of food and emotions you want to evoke.

Clever and unique food truck names

People getting food from food truck.
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A unique, clever, and catchy name makes your food truck memorable. It also makes it easy to find.

The following are examples of food truck names that’ll catch everyone’s attention.

1. Adventure Chef

2. Aloha Food Truck

3. Anywhere Eats

4. Backyard Bites

5. Cruising Cuisine

6. Every Bite Food Truck

7. Every Meal Food Truck

8. Food on Wheels

9. Food Rover

10. Food Truck Delight

11. Foodie’s Paradise

12. Gimme a Bite

13. Hot Mess Food Truck

14. Hunger Stoppers

15. Kitchen on Wheels

16. Nomadic Foodies

17. Roaming Bites

18. Rolling Stoves

19. Speedy Eats

20. The Flavorful Truck

21. The Food Wagon

22. The Hungry Tour

23. The Lunch Truck

24. The Meal Bus

25. Urban Diner

26. Where Ya At Food Truck

27. Yummy Wheels

The funniest food truck names

Close-up of food on display.
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Humor is an excellent way to make your food truck stand out. If you want to draw people in and make them laugh, use a funny name.

The following are examples of hilarious food truck names.

1. All at Steak

2. Baguette About It

3. Bao Down

4. Beefin’

5. Between Two Buns

6. Bon to Cook

7. Cheese Us

8. Cheesy Does It

9. Chicks and Grits

10. Curry Up

11. Deli Llama

12. Donut Stop

13. Guac ‘N’ Roll

14. Hamborghini

15. Hot Potatoes

16. Hungry Pigs

17. I Scream

18. India Jones

19. Juan-D-Ful

20. Jurassic Pork

21. Knead a Pizza

22. Like No Udder

23. Me So Hungry

24. Meat and Greet

25. Meat Our Balls

26. Munchie Machine

27. Pan Solo

28. Pho King Quick

29. The Dump(ling) Truck

30. The Mouthful

31. The Shrimp Pimp

32. Truck Norris

33. Trucking Delicious

34. Van Appétit

35. Volkswaffle

36. Warm Buns

37. Wheely Good Food

38. Yumplings

Breakfast food truck name ideas

Close-up of French toast and syrup.
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Who doesn’t love breakfast food?

There are savory and sweet options, making it versatile. Everyone will have something to eat.

Give your food truck a name that ensures everyone knows what you’re about, breakfast.

The following are the best name ideas for breakfast food trucks.

1. All Day Breakfast

2. Bacon Buggy

3. Bacon Bus

4. Backyard Breakfast

5. Bagel World

6. Beep Beep Waffles

7. Breakfast Anytime Anywhere

8. Breakfast Bites

9. Breakfast Empire

10. Breakfast Express

11. Crepe Corner

12. Egg Dash

13. Egg It Up

14. La La Pancakes

15. Let There Be Breakfast

16. Magnificent Eggs

17. Mobile Breakfast

18. Morning Binge

19. Oh, Crepe

20. Omelette Heaven

21. Oui, French Toast

22. Park for Pancakes

23. Stand-Up Cafe

24. Sunny Side Up

25. The Breakfast Bus

26. Waffle Wagon

Burger food truck name ideas

Four burgers sitting outside food truck.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Burgers are one of the most popular food items. You can have a classic burger or get creative and trendy.

The following are the best food truck name ideas if you serve burgers.

1. All the Burgers

2. Anytime Burgers

3. Backyard Burgers

4. Burgers for the People

5. Burger Heaven

6. Burger Hub

7. Burger Lovers

8. Burgers on Wheels

9. Burger Studio

10. Burger Universe

11. Buzzing Burgers

12. Giant Burgers

13. Holy Cow Burgers

14. Hubba Burger

15. Imagine Burgers

16. Infinity Burgers

17. Juicy Burgers

18. Nothing but Burgers

19. On Wheels Burger Co.

20. Royal Burgers

21. Sidewalk Burgers

22. Stuffed Burgers

23. The Burger Stop

24. The Burger Vault

25. Wicked Burgers

Healthy food truck name ideas

Line of people standing outside food truck.
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Quick and healthy food is a great niche. If your focus is to improve lives through food, you need a well-fitting name.

The following are the best food truck names that focus on health.

1. Baby Greens

2. Bliss Bites

3. Bloom Cafe

4. Eat Real

5. Eat to Thrive

6. Evolution Bar

7. Fit Foods

8. Fresh Greens

9. From The Garden

10. Fueled by Greens

11. Heartful Eats

12. Healthway

13. Live Well Eats

14. Nourish Cafe

15. Superfoods Central

16. Thriving Bowls

17. Veggie Heaven

18. Vibrant Bistro

19. Vital Bites

20. Wholesome Bites

Mexican food truck name ideas

Woman buying food from food truck.
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Burritos, tacos, and enchiladas are popular dishes. The following are the best names for your Mexican food truck.

1. Bandit Mexican Grill

2. Buenos Tacos

3. Burrito Bus

4. Cactus

5. El Rey Tacos

6. El Vez Food Truck

7. Fuego Burritos

8. Guac On

9. La Cocina Food Truck

10. Los Hermanos Food Truck

11. Macho Tacos

12. Mexitruck

13. Moving Tacos

14. Nacho Zone

15. Nomad Mexican Grill

16. Sombrero Tacos

17. Taco Amigos

18. Taco Trailer

19. Taqueria La Original

20. The Salsa Shack

21. Tortilla Street

22. Vallarta Mexican Grill

23. Viva Mexico

24. Wheels Cantina

25. Wicked Taco

26. Wrap It Up

Asian truck name ideas

Man inside food truck cooking.
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Asian cuisine is filled with variety. Whether you’re serving Indian, Chinese, or Thai food, the following are the best name ideas for your food truck.

1. Asian Fusion

2. Asian Grill

3. Bento Bus

4. Danbo Adventures

5. Hai Sushi

6. House of Ramen

7. Maharaja

8. Naan Better

9. New Luck Dumplings

10. Nomad Noodle Bar

11. Pho To Go

12. Ramen on the Run

13. Saigon Bistro

14. Samurai Ramen

15. Sushi Express

16. Tandoori Bus

17. Taste of India

18. Taste of Taiwan

19. Thai It Up

20. The Rolling Naan

21. Wei Chinese Food Truck

22. Wild Ginger

23. Wild Rice

24. Wild Thai Kitchen

25. Zen Kitchen

Southern food truck name ideas

Close-up of food outside food truck.
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Southern food is known to be delicious and filling. Whether you serve fried chicken, BBQ, or biscuits, the following are food truck name ideas.

1. American BBQ Truck

2. BBQ Legends

3. BBQ on the Move

4. Bertha’s Soul Food

5. Big Mike’s Southern Kitchen

6. Brisket Brothers

7. Bubba’s Southern Cuisine

8. Carol’s Kitchen

9. Cornbread Palace

10. Dirty South Food Truck

11. Down South Soul Food

12. Full Harvest Southern Food

13. Granny’s Cooking

14. Mama’s Food Truck

15. Melting Heart and Soul

16. Ms. Mary’s Soul Food

17. Rib Rangers

18. Sisters of the South

19. Smokin’ Hot BBQ

20. Soul Food Paradise

21. Soulful Grill

22. Southern Food Truck

23. Southern Sunshine Food Truck

24. Sweet Georgia’s Soul Food

25. The Big Easy Food Truck

Pizza food truck names

Pizza in front of wood burning oven.
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A pizza food truck is straightforward and versatile. You can sell whole pizzas or by the slice.

The following food truck name ideas will attract pizza lovers from all over.

1. A Slice Above

2. Alley Pizza

3. Cloud 9 Pizzeria

4. Corner Pizza

5. Epic Pizzeria

6. Fantastico Pizza

7. Flying Pie

8. Flying Slice

9. Main Street Pizza

10. Nomad Pizzeria

11. Nothing but Pizza

12. Pizzeria on the Move

13. Pizza Breeze

14. Pizza Express

15. Pizza on the Run

16. Pizza Paradise

17. Pizza Pro

18. Pizza Perfection

19. Pizza Squared

20. Pizza Vault

21. Roadside Pizza

22. Roaming Slice

23. Rolling Pizzeria

24. Sizzling Pie

25. Skyline Pizza

26. Slice Busters

27. Slice on Wheels

28. Slice Up

29. The Perfect Slice

30. The Pizza Box

31. The Pizza Cart

32. The Pizza Crew

33. The Slice of Life

34. Upper Slice

35. Wood Fired Pizza

36. Worldwide Pizza

37. Zippy Pizza

Desserts and sweets food truck names

Food truck for desserts.
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Everyone loves a sweet treat. Donuts, cupcakes, ice cream, and cookies are irresistible.

If you have a food truck that serves desserts and sweets, check out the following ideas for names.

1. Charming Cakes

2. Cookie Rush

3. Cupcakes Galore

4. Dessertology

5. Dessert Master

6. Desserts Now

7. Desserts Wiz

8. Downtown Dessert Bar

9. Fresh Sweets

10. Hello Desserts

11. Ice Cream Express

12. Mobile Milkshakes

13. Nomad Bakery

14. Purely Sweets

15. Roadside Cupcakes

16. Roving Sweets

17. Sweet Bites

18. Sweet Dreams

19. Sweet Eats

20. Sweet Street

21. Sweet Thing

22. Sweets On Wheels

23. The Big Scoop

24. The Cookie Express

25. The Cupcake Truck

26. The Dessert Box

27. Urban Bakery

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Coffee truck names

Man getting coffee from food truck.
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A coffee truck allows you to serve coffee anywhere. Park your truck near a workplace or find a spot with many walkers or tourists.

A name that attracts customers is essential. The following are the best names for your mobile coffee cart or truck.

1. All Streets Coffee

2. Bean Around

3. Coffee Corner

4. Coffee Galore

5. Coffee Lab

6. Coffee Pitstop

7. Espresso Dash

8. Espresso on Wheels

9. Everywhere Coffee

10. Groovy Coffee

11. Java Express

12. Joe on the Go

13. Kickstart Coffee

14. Metro Coffee

15. Morning Brew

16. Morning Roast

17. Moving Mocha

18. Nomad Coffee

19. Park and Perk

20. Sidekick Cafe

21. The Java Spot

22. The Roaming Bean

23. The Rolling Coffee Beans

24. Urban Grind

25. Your Way Cafe

A food truck business is excellent, as you need less start-up capital than a restaurant.

While delicious food is a must, the other essential aspect is your brand.

A big part of branding is the name of your food truck. It can attract customers, make great first impressions, and leave memorable experiences.

Now that you’ve read through all the food truck name ideas, what did you decide to name your new business?

Think about what sets you apart and what you’re serving.

You’ll stand out from the other food trucks, and it can help you build a lasting business.

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