108 Best Candy Company Names (Sweet, Creative, and Classic)


By Sapana Chandra

Opening a candy store can be a great way to turn your passion for sweets into a profitable business. Read the best candy company names.

Candy jars in a candy store.
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Candy isn’t just for kids and Halloween. It comes in all types, shapes, and sizes and is a good gift idea for all occasions and cravings.

A candy store is like a paradise for all ages and demographics. Starting a candy company can be a profitable way to make a living and make countless people happy.

The global confectionery market was worth $190 billion in 2020. It’s forecasted to expand to $240 billion by 2028. This growth offers an enticing opportunity for entrepreneurs passionate about sweets.

Kick off your business and make a great first impression with a memorable business name. Get inspiration from the complete list of top candy company names.

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Cute and sweet candy company names

Close-up of colorful sour candy.
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Choosing a cute candy store name can help make a lasting impression on your customers. It can appear more tasty and inviting, which can help you get more customers.

The following are examples of adorable candy company names.

1. Be Sweet

2. Candy Box

3. Candy Corner

4. Candy Haus

5. Candy Hive

6. Candy Rush

7. Candy Hill

8. Candy Point

9. Chocolate Studio

10. City Sweets

11. Cozy Candy Corner

12. Just Sweet

13. Lolly World

14. Simply Sweet

15. Sugar & Spice

16. Sugar Babies

17. Sugar Plum Fairy

18. Sweet Candy Co.

19. Sweet Cheeks

20. Sweet Retreat

21. Sweet Shop

22. Sweet Tooth Cafe

23. Tasty Taffy

24. The Sweet Spot

25. Yummy Gummy

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Unique candy shop names

Rows of candy-filled jars.
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When choosing a name for your candy company, consider a unique name that’s memorable and easy to find. The following candy shop names will leave a lasting impression.

1. Candy Atlas

2. Candy Cave

3. Candy Chest

4. Candy Cube

5. Candy Factory

6. Candy Makers

7. Candy Mountain

8. Chew Chew

9. Chocolate City

10. Chocolate on Main

11. I Love Candy

12. Jolly Chews

13. Kickin’ Candy

14. Lady Sweet

15. Sassy Sweets

16. Shaped Sugar

17. Sour Spot

18. Sticky Sweets

19. Sweet & Sour Candy Co.

20. Sweet Delight

21. Sweet Energy Co.

22. Sweet Joint

23. Sweet Saga

24. Sweet Tooth Cafe

25. Sweetie Jar

26. The Candy Express

27. The Chocolate Shop

28. Toffee Cellar

29. Uber Sweets

30. Yummy Sweets

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Funny candy store names

Marshmallow candy dispensers.
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Humor is a great way to make your candy company stand out. If you want to draw people in and make them laugh, use rhymes or puns related to sweets and candy.

The following are examples of candy shop names.

1. Adrenaline Rush

2. Ain’t She Sweet

3. Bad Day Candy

4. Brain Candy

5. Candy Breaker

6. Candy-Pedia

7. Candy-Tastic

8. Chew it Over

9. Death by Chocolate

10. Eat Sweet

11. Eye Candy

12. Feel Butter Soon

13. Grow a Jelly Belly

14. How Sweet It Is

15. Lollipop Daddy

16. Love, Candy

17. Never Sugar High Again

18. Revenge is Sweet

19. Spun Candy

20. Sugar Coasted

21. Sugar Daddy

22. Sweet Reward

23. Sweet Revenge

24. Sugar Rush

25. Sugar Station

26. Sugar Sugar

27. Sweet Nothings

28. Sweet Talk

29. Sweets for My Sweet

30. Tooth Ache

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Retro candy company names

Lots of taffy in candy company.
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Choosing a retro candy shop name could attract customers who appreciate the nostalgia.

A retro name may be perfect if you offer unique sweets that customers may not find in other stores.

1. Candy Boulevard

2. Candy Kitchen

3. Candy Man

4. Chocolate Bliss

5. Chocolate Castle

6. Chocolate World

7. Fudge Pot

8. House of Sweets

9. Licorice Lane

10. Old Fashioned Candy

11. Original Sweets

12. Pop’s Candy Shop

13. Sticky Fingers

14. Sugar Shack

15. Sweet & Delicious

16. Sweet Bliss

17. Sweet Temptations

18. Sweet Tooth Cafe

19. The Candy House

20. The Candy Jar

21. The Candy Shop

22. The Sweet Shoppe

23. Vintage Sweets

Tips on naming your candy company

The following are suggestions to help you come up with the perfect name for your new candy business:

1. Keep it sweet and simple. It should be memorable and easy to spell.

2. Use a play on words. Use rhymes or puns related to sweets and candy.

3. Search online for existing candy shop names. It will help you avoid duplication and potential trademark issues.

4. Brainstorm with friends and family. They may have fun and creative ideas you wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

Now that you’ve read through the candy store name ideas, what did you decide to name your new business?

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