200+ Funny WiFi Names for a Laugh Every Time You Go Online



A funny or clever WiFi name makes you stand out. But, it also makes it fun when you connect to the internet. Get ideas with the greatest WiFi names.

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Personalize your WiFi network name to make it easy to find and entertaining.

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While you can name it after yourself, there are more creative and hilarious ways to do it.

Also, security experts suggest changing the default name to avoid hacks.

The following is a roundup of the best WiFi names ever.

Whether you want something that’ll make you laugh so hard or a professional one for your business, you’ve come to the right place.

Funny WiFi names

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1. Tell My WiFi Love Her

2. Abraham Linksys

3. Pretty Fly for a WiFi

4. Don’t Even Try It

5. Everyday I’m Buffering

6. Hide Your Kids, Hide Your WiFi

7. Pay For Your Own Internet

8. Mom Use This One!

9. That’s What She SSID

10. Drop It Like It’s Hotspot

11. Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s WiFi

12. I Believe Wi Can Fi

13. The Promise LAN

14. Wi-Fight The Feeling

15. 2 Girls, 1 Router

16. Bill Wi the Science Fi

17. Keep It On The Download

18. Do Re Mi Fa So La Wi Fi

19. The LAN of the Free

20. No More Mr. WiFi

21. Router? I Hardly Know Her

22. Look Ma, No Wires

23. The Password is…

24. Lag Out Loud

25. No Mo WiFi For You

26. WiFi, Do You Love Me?

27. Martin Router King

28. Click to Donate

29. Girls Gone Wireless

30. WiFi Fever

31. Russian Hackers

32. I’m Too Sexy for WiFi

33. IP Frequently

34. FiWi

35. Get Your Own WiFi

36. I Pronounce You Man and WiFi

37. Smooth as Buffer

38. Wi Oh Wi

39. It’s No Laughing Router

40. This LAN is My LAN

41. Nacho WiFi

42. Where the Wild Pings Are

43. PorqueFi

44. Slower Than Yo Mama

45. I Byte

46. Happy WiFi, Happy Life

47. I Don’t Have WiFi

48. It Hurts When IP

49. Scream for the Password

50. FBI Surveillance Van

51. Will You Be My WiFi?

52. Untrusted Network

53. Ignore

Cool WiFi names

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1. Wu Tang LAN

2. Cut the Wire

3. Is It Me You’re Looking For?

4. LAN-Rover

5. Wi of the Fi-ger

6. Access Denied

7. No Internet Access

8. Network Not Found

9. WiFi of the Gods

10. Life in the Fast LAN

11. Make WiFi Great Again

12. Full Bars

13. I’m Feeling a Connection

14. Reservation Required

15. Nothing But Net

16. DeltaWiFi

17. It’s on the Back of the Router

18. Password Invalid, Retry

19. Free WiFi

20. The Internet Messiah

21. Warren Buffers

22. We’ve Got the Goods

23. CandyLAN

24. Skynet

25. Chance the Router

26. Load ‘Em and Modem

27. Hot Signals In Your Area

28. Boosted

29. Link Up

30. No Wires Attached

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Inspirational WiFi names

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1. Keep Trying

2. Don’t Give Up

3. Be a Nice Person

4. Love Yourself

5. Decide. Commit. Succeed

6. Trust the Process

7. Persevere Through The Buffer

8. You’ve Got This

9. Your Only Limit Is Your Mind

10. Be You. Do You. For You.

11. Life’s a Journey, Not a Race

12. Trust The Timing

13. Just Go For It

14. Change to Change

15. Make Today Your Masterpiece

16. Have The Courage to Continue

17. Do It Anyway

18. Just Start

19. You Make a Difference

20. No Pressure, No Diamonds

21. Go With All Your Heart

22. Dare to Fail

23. Live to Thrive

24. The Time Will Never Be Right

25. Be a Rainbow

26. Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken

27. Pave Your Path

28. Live Your Dreams

29. No Substitutes for Hard Work

30. One Step at a Time

Nerdy WiFi names

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1. Connection Timed Out

2. System Error

3. Access is denied (0x5)



6. Virus Free for 24 Hours

7. Redirecting

8. 409 Conflict

9. 410 Gone

10. 403 Forbidden

11. 405 Method Not Allowed

12. 426 Upgrade Required

13. 451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons

14. 503 Service Unavailable

15. 511 Network Authentication Required

16. Error 404 not found

17. Only Have 1023MB, No Gigs


19. Logic error

20. <p>This is not your WiFi<p>

21. AFK

22. N00b

23. 301 Moved Permanently

24. 429 Too Many Requests

25. 523 Origin Is Unreachable

26. Return of the WiFi

27. You Shall Not Password

28. virus.exe

29. Can’t Hack This

30. For Sale, Inquire Within

Professional WiFi names

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1. (Company Name) Guest

2. (Company Name) WiFi

3. (Company Name)

4. Waffle Fries

5. Pings Pong

6. Bandwidth on the Run

7. We Don’t Have WiFi

8. Are You Looking For WiFi?

9. No WiFi

10. You’ll Never Guess The Password

11. It’s Unavailable

12. You Need to Buy Something First

Witchy WiFi names

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1. Voodoo WiFi

2. Good Energy Only

3. Magic Connection

4. Connect to Cleanse

5. Wicca Fi

6. Wi Faery

7. Omen

8. Under a Spell

9. Blair’s WiFi

10. Covens Only

11. 100% That Witch

12. Hex and the City

13. Witch One

14. Witch Please

15. Password’s on the Altar

WiFi names based on movies and TV shows

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1. Hogwarts Hall of WiFi

2. The Dark Web Rises

3. Wireless Hulk

4. Winternet is Coming

5. Titanic Syncing

6. Lord of the Pings

7. Silence of the LANs

8. LAN Solo

9. Stranger Pings

10. Dora the Internet Explorer

11. The WiFi Soldier

12. 13 Reasons WiFi

13. Grey’s LAN-atomy

14. The Big Bang Theory of WiFi

15. Once Upon a WiFi

16. How I Met Your WiFi

17. The Godfather of WiFi

18. Indi-LAN-a Jones

19. Gone with the Wind-ernet

20. Brother Anakin, I WiFied You

21. C-3PO Router Connection

22. Joey Doesn’t Share Food

23. I Wish I Could, But I Don’t Want To

24. Pivot!

25. Mean Girl’s Network

26. Fast and Furious WiFi

27. Routers of the Lost Ark

28. Do The Right Thing (Don’t Connect)

29. The WiFi of Oz

30. Ping’s Landing

31. Luke, I Am Your WiFi

32. Spiderman’s World Wide Web

33. Alice in WonderLAN

34. Lord Voldemodem

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