200+ Best Playlist Names for Every Mood and Genre



Whether you’re making a playlist of your favorite songs or sad songs to shed a tear, give each a good name. Read the best playlist names for ideas.

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If there’s one thing every human on Earth can relate to, it’s that music is incredible.

Whether you’re having a party, meditating, or running, adding music makes it all better.

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According to Frontiers in Psychology, brings many positive effects on your well-being.

If you love making playlists for different occasions, genres, and moods, give each one a good name.

For the best ideas, check out the following playlist names.

Whether you use Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, or iHeart, you’ll find ideas for all genres and moods.

Classic playlist names

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1. Best of (Year)

2. Top Songs of (Year or decade)

3. Trip Down Memory Lane

4. Childhood Favorites

5. (Year) Mix

6. Current Favorites

7. My Rotation

8. Christmas Playlist

9. Thanksgiving Playlist

10. Halloween Playlist

11. Easter Playlist

12. New Year’s Day/Eve Playlist

13. Kids Mix

14. What I’m Listening To

15. Songs for Studying

16. Oldies but goodies

17. Oldies but goldies

18. Best Jams

19. Sing Along Songs

20. Throwback Hits

21. Faves

22. On Repeat

23. Everyday Jams

24. Best of the Best

25. Defaults

Aesthetic playlist names

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1. Paris lights ✨

2. Honeysuckle

2. Glitter on my skin

3. Brain waves

4. Back in time

5. Mixed feelings

6. Shuffle to the moon

7. Walking on Sunshine ☀️

8. Summer days

9. Into the sunset 🌇

10. Back in the days

11. Windows down

12. Vibin’ n’ thrivin’

13. Summer Picnic 🧺

14. Stole my heart 💘

15. Life as a misfit 👽

16. Therapy session

17. In a mood

18. We’ll be alright

19. Take a chance

20. Escape the ordinary

21. Feeling free

22. Best 🔥

23. f a r a w a y

24. Songs that say it all

25. Cloud 9 ☁️

Party playlist names

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1. The Ultimate Party Playlist

2. Don’t Stop the Music

3. Songs for a Night That Never Ends

4. Crowd Pleasers

5. Dance Throwdown

6. Pop Party Music Playlist

7. Songs That Make You Dance

8. Dance All Night

9. Head Bangers

10. Party Beats

11. Light up the Night

12. Funk It Up

13. Party Anthems

14. Celebrate!

15. House Party (Year)

16. (Genre) Party

17. The Hottest Party Songs

18. Just Dance

19. Party Mix

20. Get the Party Started

21. Party Hits Mix

22. Throwback Party Mix

23. House Party Music Playlist

24. This Is How We Party

25. Untamed Night

Sad playlist names

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1. Missing You 😢

2. Wish You Were Here

2. All The Feels

3. Lonely Nights

4. Now That You’re Gone

5. Rainy Day 🌧️

6. Misery Loves Company

7. Maybe Next Time

8. Teardrops

9. Scheduled Breakdown

10. Too Many Tears

11. Midnight Darkness

12. Beautiful Wreck

13. Goodbye

14. Memories of You

15. Sad-derday Songs

16. Leave me alone

17. Falling

18. Drowning in Tears

19. Feeling Down

20. Heartbroken 💔

21. Lost

22. Wasted Time

23. Sad Bops

24. A Mess

25. I can’t anymore

Funny playlist names

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1. Laugh in 3, 2, 1

2. Everything but (Least favorite genre)

2. Put me on aux

3. Music is Cheaper Than Therapy

4. Dance to These If You Want to Get Fired

5. Songzalicious

6. Songs That Make Zero Sense

7. I Put the FUN in Funeral

8. Pleasant Era

9. OK Boomer

10. Laugh It Off

11. Ridiculousness

12. Bop to the Top

13. Listen, Don’t Read

14. Listen With Caution

15. Procrastinate

16. What’s my name?

17. Lost in My Imagination

18. Ummmmm

19. Yee haw tunes 🤠

20. Happy Gorl (Or Boi)

21. Main Character Vibes

22. IDK what this is but I like it

23. stuDYING

24. Crying in the Club

25. Shower Concert

26. That One Song on the Radio

Chill playlist names

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1. Chillin’

2. Chill Beats

2. Chill Hits

3. Chill Mix

4. Morning Music

5. Music to Start the Day

6. Breathe Easy

7. Barefoot on the Grass

8. Illest of the Chillest

9. All Day Vibes

10. Chill Nights

11. Positive Life

12. Happy Morning

13. Feel Good Tunes

14. Night Driving

15. Zen

16. Retreat

17. In My Own Little World

18. Couch Potato Vibes

19. Lo-Fi

20. Chillax

21. Super Chill

22. Chill House

23. Happy Summer Nights

24. Get Lost in the Chill

25. Take a Chill Pill

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Workout playlist names

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1. Pumping Iron

2. No Excuses

2. Just Do It Already

3. Max Out

4. Pushing Limits

5. Hot-Girl Summer

6. Play This When You Feel Like Quitting

7. One More Rep

8. Work Like Hell

9. The Grind

10. Play This When You Feel Lazy

11. Feel The Power

12. Bring Out Your Superhero

13. Dominate

14. Pain is Temporary

15. Rise

16. Become a Legend

17. One More Step Forward

18. All Worth It

19. Beast Mode: On (Or Activated)

20. Pre-Workout

21. No Limits

22. Til the End

23. Cardio Mix

24. Feel the Power

25. Workout (Year)

26. Gains

Playlist names for different genres

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1. Rock N Roll

2. Hip Hop Legends

2. Metal Baby

3. Jazz It Up

4. Swing to Jazz

5. Pop Hits

6. Rap Gods

7. K-Pop Favorites

8. Classical Ambience

9. Out in the Country

10. Electrifying EDM

11. Feeling the Blues

12. Folk Road Trip

13. Old School Hip Hop

14. Rock Gems

15. Smooch Anthems

16. Heart Melters

17. Gangsta Beats

18. Underrated Pop

19. Chill Pop

20. Acoustic Vibes

21. Trappers

22. Sunday Hymns

23. Club Music

24. OG Country

25. That Southern Drawl

Give your playlist a descriptive and unique name to make it easy to find.

A good name also tells you the mood and vibe of the playlist. When you create a name, think about the purpose of the playlist.

Are there emotions you want to evoke, or are the songs for an occasion?

Apps like Spotify allow you to create playlist names. It makes it easy and fun to organize and share your music.

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