80+ Names That Mean Orange for Boys and Girls


By Sapana Chandra

Orange is a cheerful color associated with energy, enthusiasm, and joy. Read the names that mean orange to find one for your baby.

Baby wearing an orange romper and holding an orange balloon.
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Orange is a vibrant color that evokes feelings of warmth and optimism. Naming your baby a word that means orange can be a beautiful way to honor its beauty.

Different colors can evoke different feelings. Orange represents creativity and enthusiasm, two valuable qualities to instill in your child.

Additionally, naming your baby a name that means orange can help them stand out from the crowd.

The following is a list of the many names that mean orange. You’ll find vibrant, meaningful, and beautiful options.

Baby girl names that mean orange

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Naming your daughter a name that means orange can honor her uniqueness.

Orange has a lot of symbolism, representing energy, enthusiasm, and courage. It can be a reminder to your daughter that she is capable of tackling any challenge that comes her way.

Alani: A Hawaiian name that means “orange tree.”

Alba: A Latin name that means “dawn” or “sunrise.”

Amber: An Arabic name that refers to the golden tree resin.

Anani: A Hawaiian name meaning “orange tree” or “fragrant.”

Asahi: A Japanese name meaning “morning” or “sunlight.”

Aurantia: A Latin name meaning “orange.”

Auria: A Latin name meaning “golden” or “orange.”

Clementine: Referring to the orange citrus fruit. The Latin name means “merciful.”

Coral: Referring to the orange coral in the sea.

Daisy: Like the orange flower.

Dahlia: A Swedish name meaning “lovely bright orange flower.”

Dawn: Referring to the sunrise and beginning of the day. An English name meaning “light” and “new beginning.”

Eliane: A French name meaning “daughter of sun” or “which has a radiant beauty like the sun.”

Ginger: An English name referring to “red hair.”

Goldie: A British name meaning “made of gold.”

Honey: A name for a sweet golden girl.

Jacinthe: A French name meaning “orange-red.”

Kiara: An English name meaning “bright” or Korean name meaning “first ray of sun.”

Kitsu: A Japanese name that means “orange” or “tangerine.”

Marigold: An English name meaning “yellow-orange flower.”

Melina: A Green name meaning “honey.”

Mikan: A Japanese name meaning “orange”.

Nerola: An Italian name meaning “orange blossom.”

Orenji: A Japanese word that means “orange,” both the color and fruit.

Oriana: A French name meaning “golden dawn” or “sunrise.”

Peaches: Like the orange fruit.

Phoenix: A Greek name meaning “fire” or “frame” or “the bird that rises from ashes.”

Poppy: Like the orange or red flower.

Primrose: An English name meaning “first rose” or “pale yellow flower.”

Pumpkin: Referring to the orange vegetable.

Rory: An Irish name meaning “red king” or “red head.”

Saffron: The spice known for its rich orange color.

Santara: An Italian name meaning “tangerine.”

Sienna: An Italian name meaning “from Sienna,” the medieval city build on rich red-orange clay.

Solana: A Spanish name meaning “sunshine.”

Sona: An Indian name meaning “gold.”

Solstice: A Latin name meaning “when the sun stands still.”

Sunny: An English name meaning “sunshine” or “happy” or “cheerful temperament.”

Tawny: Referring to the brown orange color. An Irish name meaning “golden brown” or “green field.”

Topaz: Like the gemstone Topas that becomes orange when it has trace impurities.

Yelena: A Russian name meaning “shining light.”

Yuzana: A Burmese name meaning “orange jasmine.”

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Baby boy names that mean orange

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If you’re looking for a baby boy name that means orange, here are a few ideas to consider:

Aaran: A Hebrew name for the color orange.

Anatole: Meaning rising sun.

Amaro: Italian for orange.

Amburan: Hindi for orange.

Anburey: Irish for orange.

Apollo: Referring to the god of the sun.

Auburn: A French world meaning “orange brown.”

Aurantium: Latin for orange.

Bowie: A Scottish name meaning “yellow-haired” or “blond.”

Boyd: A Scottish name meaning “blond.”

Cyrus: A Persian name that means “sun.”

Flannery: An Irish name meaning “descendent of the red warrior.”

Flavian: Green name that means “yellow” or “blond.”

Flavio: An Italian name meaning “blond.”

Garfield: Referring to the orange-striped cat from the Garfield cartoons.

Hari: A Hindi name meaning “lion” and “dark tawny,” yellow-orange colors.

Helio: A Spanish name meaning “the sun.”

Kanaru: Japanese for orange.

Kinneret: Hebrew for orange.

Kirros: A Greek name meaning “orange.”

Kitsuo: A Japanese name meaning “orange” or “tangerine.”

Narangi: Sanskrit for orange.

Neroli: Refers to the beautiful flowers of the orange blossom trees from Italy.

Oriol: Latin name meaning “golden” and “the best.”

Ravi: After the Hindu sun god.

Rory: Irish name meaning “red.”

Rufus: Referring to red-haired men.

Rust: An English name meaning “red.” Originally used as a nickname for those with red hair.

Rusty: An English word meaning “orange-red.”

Safura: Persian for orange.

Safurah: Arabic for orange.

Sol: A Spanish name meaning “sun.”

Solvi: An Icelandic name meaning “temple of the Sun.”

Tasheen: Swahili for orange.

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Gender-neutral names that mean orange

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Here are some gender-neutral names that mean orange:

Cam: A Vietnamese name meaning “orange fruit.”

Flannery: An Irish name meaning “descendent of the red warrior.”

Koi: A Hawaiian name meaning “urge”. Koi are also the orange fish in Japanese gardens symbolizing good luck.

Noor: An Arabic name meaning “light” and “brightness.”

Solstice: A Latin name meaning “when the sun stands still.”

We hope this list of baby names that mean orange helps you find the perfect name for your little one.

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