100+ Best Names That Mean Blue for Boys and Girls


By Sapana Chandra

Blue is a calming color often associated with feelings of peace and tranquility. Read the names that mean blue to find one for your baby.

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The color blue represents trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, and truth. Naming your baby a word that means blue can be a beautiful way to honor its beauty.

Blue is beneficial to the mind and body and is often seen as a sign of harmony, safety, and trust. It’s often associated with the sea and sky.

With so many positive meanings, blue baby names are an excellent choice for your little one.

The following is a list of the many names that mean blue. You’ll find adorable, meaningful, and beautiful options.

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Girl names that mean blue

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Blue symbolizes tranquility, intelligence, and loyalty. These are all great qualities to wish for your daughter.

The following are the top baby girl names that mean blue.

Aaliyah: A Hebrew name meaning “heaves, highborn and exalted.”

Afina: A Romanian name meaning “blueberry.”

Amrin: An Arabic name meaning “blue sky.”

Anurna: An Aboriginal name meaning “blue water lily.”

Aoko: A Japanese name meaning “blue child.”

Aqua: A Latin word meaning “water.”

Araceli: A Spanish name meaning “blue flower.”

Atasi: An Indian name meaning “blue flower.”

Azura: An Indian name meaning “sky blue.”

Bluebell: Referring to the little blue flower.

Celeste: A colloquial term for “light blue.”

Chimalis: A Native American word meaning bluebird.”

Ciel: A French name meaning “sky.”

Claramay: A Latin name meaning “bright and clear.”

Darya: A Turkish word meaning “sea.”

Doli: A Navajo name meaning “blue bird.”

Doris: A Latin word meaning “from the sea.”

Fairuza: A Turkish word meaning “turquoise.”

Hyacinth: A Greek name meaning “blue flower.”

Iris: Referring to the blue-purple flower.

Kailani: A Hawaiian name meaning “sea and sky.”

Kehlani: A Polynesian name meaning “sky and heaves.”

Larmina: An Arabic and Persian name meaning “blue sky.”

Lilac: Referring to the bluish-purple flower.

Livia: A Spanish name meaning “blue and envious.”

Livie: A Latin word meaning “blue.”

Lulani: A Hawaiian name meaning ” sky.”

Lynae: A Scandanavian name meaning “small blue flower.”

Maren: Meaning “star of the sea.”

Marilee: A Welsh name meaning “star of the sea.”

Marina: A Latin word meaning “from the sea.”

Maya: An Arabic name meaning “water.”

Mazarine: A French word meaning “deep blue color.”

Meena: An Indian name meaning “precious blue stone.”

Mora: A Spanish name meaning “little blueberry.”

Neela: A Sanskrit name meaning “dark blue” or “sapphire blue.”

Neelashi: An Indian word for “blue.”

Nilam: An Indian word referring to a lighter shade of blue.

Noelani: A Hawaiian word meaning “heavenly mist.”

Odeta: An Albanian name meaning “blue, sea.”

Okelani: A Hawaiian name meaning “from heaven.”

Qing: A Chinese name meaning “aqua colored.”

Ruka: A Japanese name meaning “bright blue flower.”

Sama: An Arabic name meaning “sky.”

Shawnita: An American word name meaning “blue diamond.”

Sini: A Finnish name meaning “blue.”

Skye: An English word for “sky.”

Sunila: An Indian name meaning “dark blue.”

Ulanni: A Hawaiian name meaning “heavenly beauty.”

Boy names that mean blue

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The following are the top baby boy names that mean blue.

Aciano: A Spanish name meaning cornflower.

Akash: An Indian meaning “open space, sky.”

Aohito: A Japanese name meaning “blue person, benevolence.”

Aouli: A Hawaiian moniker referring to the blue sky on a clear day.

Arnav: An Indian name meaning “ocean.”

Azraq: An Arabic name meaning “blue.”

Azul: A Spanish word for “blue.”

Bay: A Latin word for “sea inlet.”

Bisman: An Indian name meaning “dark blue.”

Bleu: A French word for “blue.”

Caelum: A Latin word meaning “heavenly.”

Caelus: A Latin name meaning “Sky.”

Caeso: A Latin word meaning “blue-grey.”

Celestin: A Latin word meaning “of the sky and heavenly.”

Cerulean: A Latin word for “dark blue.”

Chandraneel: An Indian word meaning “precious blue gem.”

Cielo: An Italian name for “sky.”

Cyan: Referring to the turquoise, blue color.

Douglas: A Scottish name meaning “dark water.”

Firuzeh: An Iranian name meaning “turquoise.”

Gokcan: A Turkish word for “vast sky.”

Gorman: An Irish word meaning “blue.”

Indeevar: An Indian word meaning “blue lotus.”

Jalaneel: An Indian word meaning “blue color of the sea.”

Jay: Referring to the bright blue bird.

Keyne: A Cornish word meaning “man of the eastern sky.”

Manikanth: An Indian word meaning “blue jewel.”

Marlais: A Welsh word meaning “blue.”

Nabhas: A Sanskrit word meaning “celestial.”

Neven: A Irish word meaning “sky.”

Ouranos: A Greek word meaning “sky” or “heaven.”

Sepher: An Iranian word meaning “sky.”

Slate: Referring to the grey-blue rock.

Teal: Referring to the blue-green color.

Zeru: A Basque name meaning “blue.”

Gender-neutral names that mean blue

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Blue is a gender-neutral color. Choosing a baby name that means blue could be a great way to give your baby a gender-neutral name.

Aoki: A Japanese name meaning “blue tree.”

Azul: A Spanish name meaning “blue.”

Blue: A great name inspired by the color itself.

Blu: A shorter alternative for Blue.

Cyan: Referring to the greenish-blue color.

Dion: A Greek word meaning “child of heaven and earth.”

Hinto: A Native American name meaning “blue haired.”

Indigo: Referring to the purplish-blue color.

Jaylin: An American name meaning “calm, blue jay.”

Kalani: A Hawaiian name meaning “spirit of the sky.”

Lake: Referring to the deep blue waters.

Mavi: A Turkish name meaning “blue.”

Midnight: Referring to the transition from one day to the next.

Navy: Referring to the deep blue color.

Oakley: A Hebrew name meaning “blue sapphire.”

Ocean: Referring to the body of water.

Sky: Referring to the shade of blue in the sky.

Choosing a baby name with special meaning is a great way to give your baby a unique and meaningful name.

Blue is also associated with trust, loyalty, and wisdom. This makes it a good choice for a baby who you hope will grow up to be wise and strong.

Now that you’ve read the list, which name did you choose and why?

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