65 Hot Names That Mean Fire


By Sapana Chandra

Fire is a symbol of passion, inspiration, and warmth. It’s an excellent choice for a name. Learn about the different names that mean fire.

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When naming your baby, the meaning is important. If you want a name that means fire, blaze, or flame, you’ll have plenty of options.

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Fire is an essential part of human life. According to scientists, humans discovered fire about 420 million years ago.

Throughout history, different cultures also believed in gods or goddesses of fire. They’re in the following list of names that mean fire.

You’ll find unique and common names that come from the powerful element.

Gender-neutral names that mean fire

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1. Aiden: An Irish name meaning “little fire.”

2. Azar: A Persian name meaning “fire.”

3. Blaze: A name of Latin origin meaning “fire” or “flame.”

4. Conleth: An Irish name meaning “constant fire.”

5. Ember: An English name meaning “spark” or “burning low.”

6. Hayden: An English name meaning “fire” or “hay field.”

7. Keahi: A Hawaiian name meaning “flames.”

8. Keegan: An Irish name meaning “small flame.”

9. Nuri: A Hebrew and Arabic name meaning “my fire” or “my light.”

10. Phoenix: A Greek name meaning “dark red.” The phoenix is also an immortal bird in Greek mythology associated with the sun.

11. Reese: A Welsh name meaning “enthusiastic,” “fiery,” or “ardent.”

12. Sol: A Spanish name meaning “sun.”

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Female names that mean fire

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1. Abenanka: An Ainu name meaning “fire.”

2. Adeen: An Irish name meaning “little fire.”

3. Agni: An Hindu name meaning “fire.”

4. Aguya: A Russian name meaning “mistress of fire.”

5. Aithne: An Irish name meaning “fire.”

6. Alinta: A name of Australian origin that means “fire.”

7. Anala: A name of Hindi origin meaning “fire.”

8. Atsila: A Cherokee name meaning “fire.”

9. Cemre: A Turkish name meaning “ember.”

10. Eliane: A Hebrew name meaning “sun” or “God answered me.”

11. Enya: An Irish name meaning “fire” or “little seed.”

12. Fiamma: An Italian name meaning “flame” or “little fiery one.”

13. Helia: A Greek name meaning “sun.”

14. Homura: A Japanese name meaning “blaze” or “flame.”

15. Kalama: A Hawaiian name meaning “flaming torch.”

16. Kenna: A Gaelic name meaning “born of fire.”

17. Liekki: A Finnish name meaning “flame.”

18. Mashal: An Arabic name meaning “torch.”

19. Pele: The Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes and fire.

20. Seraphina: A Hebrew name meaning “burning ones,” “fiery,” or “ardent.”

21. Soleil: A French name meaning “sun.”

22. Souzan: A Persian name meaning “burning.”

23. Sunniva: A Scandinavian meaning “sun gift.”

24. Tana: A Greek name meaning “fire or star goddess.”

25. Tanwen: A Welsh name meaning “holy fire.”

Male names that mean fire

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1. Adish: A Persian name meaning “fire.”

2. Admani: A Sanskrit name meaning “fire” or “flame.”

3. Afi: A Polynesian name meaning “fire.”

4. Aodh: A Gaelic name meaning “fire.”

5. Apollo: A Greek name meaning “destroyer.” Apollo was also the Olympian god of the sun and light.

6. Ashbel: A Hebrew name meaning “an old fire.”

7. Brando: An Italian name meaning “sword” or “fiery torch.”

8. Cyrus: A Persian name meaning “sun.”

9. Edan: An Irish name meaning “fire.”

10. Egan: A Gaelic name meaning “little fire.”

11. Elio: An Italian name meaning “sun.”

12. Haco: A Celtic name meaning “fire” or “flame.”

13. Helios: A Greek name meaning “sun.” Helios was the Titan god of the sun in Greek mythology.

14. Horus: An Egyptian name meaning “sun god.”

15. Ignacio: A Spanish name meaning “fiery” or “born from the fire.”

16. Ignatius: A Latin name meaning “fiery” or “ardent.”

17. Kasai: A Japanese name meaning “well” or “fire.”

18. Kenneth: An English name meaning “born of fire” or “handsome.”

19. McCoy: An Irish name meaning “fire.”

20. Plamen: A Bulgarian name meaning “flame” or “fiery.”

21. Pyrrhus: A Greek name meaning “flame-colored.”

22. Sampson: A Hebrew name meaning “sun.”

23. Sulien: A Welsh name meaning “born from the sun.”

24. Surya: A Hindi name meaning “sun god.”

25. Tanguy: A French name meaning “warrior” or “fire dog.”

26. Tyson: An English name meaning “ember” or “high-spirited.”

27. Uri: A Hebrew name meaning “my light” or “my flame.”

28. Vatroslav: A Croatian name meaning “fire,” “glory,” “or “fame.”

Names that mean fire are excellent for babies. Fire represents passion, hope, light, warmth, and inspiration.

Now that you’ve read the list of names, which one did you choose and why?

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