350+ Best Horse Names


By Sapana Chandra

Horses are majestic, intelligent animals. Learn about the best horse names for beautiful, unique ideas for your new equine.

Horse standing in the fields.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Congratulations on your new horse. You’re now one of the two million American households that own a horse.

Naming a horse can be exciting, challenging, and a great way to bond with them.

Consider your horse’s personality to come up with a unique name. You could take inspiration from literature, history, mythology, your favorite movie, or song.

The following is a collection of unique and beautiful horse names for your new equine friend.

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Male horse names

Horse grazing.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

If you want to give your horse a male name, the following are the best male options.

Ace: If your horse is a winning stallion, give it this confidence-boosting name.

Alex: A Greek name meaning “defender of mankind,” a fitting choice for your favorite horse.

Alfie: An Old English name meaning “counsel” of “wise.”

Apache: Meaning “warrior” and “chief”, a fitting name for a Stallion.

Apollo: A masculine name meaning “destroyer” in Greek mythology.

Badger: An English name meaning “traveling peddler.”

Bandit: An American name meaning “thief,” perfect for a challenging horse that keeps you on your toes.

Barnaby: A version of Barbabas, a great option for a horse with plenty of energy.

Beamer: An Old English name meaning “trumpet player.”

Beast: A great option for a large, confident horse.

Billy: Inspired by Old Billy, the longest-living horse on record.

Blaze: A fitting option for a beautiful, chestnut-colored horse.

Blue: A great option for a blue roan.

Bo: A simple name for your new charismatic, equestrian friend.

Bob: Inspired by Old Bob, a driving horse used by Abraham Lincoln during his presidency of the United States.

Bolt: A fitting name for a fast horse, inspired by Usain Bolt.

Buddy: One of the most common horse names.

Buck: If your horse has a propensity to buck, this might be a fitting name.

Buster: A solid pick for a trusty horse inspired by Buster the Horse from Sesame Street.

Buzz: Short form of Busby, a word meaning to audibly vibrate. Also inspired by the American astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

Captain: A great option for a racehorse that deserves a name as cool as his speed and agility.

Chance: A celestial option for your first horse.

Charlie: In honor of Charlie Brown, this is a fun name for a brown horse.

Cocoa: A sweet option for a chocolate-brown companion.

Colt: A word used to describe a young male horse. Why not make it your horse’s name?

Comet: A celestial option for a speedy horse.

Cupid: You love your horse, give it a name that’s close to your heart.

Dale: Inspired by a rare pony breed in the mountains of England.

Domino: A perfect choice for a spotted horse with a playful personality.

Duke: Inspired by the American actor John Wayne’s horse.

Dusty: For a palomino horse with beauty and charm.

Ebony: An elegant name for a black horse.

Edward: Inspired by King Edward, an Olympic champion horse.

Elvis: Inspired by Elvis Presley, who owned around 20 horses during his lifetime.

Harley: Meaning “hare’s meadow” of British origin.

Harvey: A fitting name of Celtic origin meaning “battle worthy.” A great option for a horse with resilience and endurance.

Henrietta: A German name meaning “ruler of the household.”

Jack: A simple, cool option for your new equestrian friend.

Jasper: A trendy name meaning “treasurer” or “bringer of treasure.”

Jet: A speedy name for a high-speed running horse.

Kallippos: A Greek name meaning “beautiful horse.”

Major: A military name inspired by the significant role of horses in battles throughout history.

Napoleon: In honor of the French miliary leader who’s frequently depicted on his horse, Marengo.

Newton: A British name meaning “new town.”

Pirate: A fitting choise for a horse with patch marking around their eyes.

Randolph: An English name meaning “shielf” or “wolf”, a fitting name for a strong, protective horse.

Ranger: A classic equine name.

Rembrandt: An artistic pick for patterned coats. Rembrandt featured horses in his artwork.

Rio: A Spanish name meaning “from the river.”

Rocky: In honor of the American sports drama film.

Romeo: In honor of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Thunder: An American name meaning “loud noise in sky.”

Toby: A Hebrew name meaning “God is good.”

Whisper: If you have a great rapport with your horse, this name is a great option.

Willie: A German word meaning “resolute protector.”

Yoshi: Inspired by the well-known Yoshi, an ally of Mario in the video games by Nintendo.

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Female horse names

Close-up of horse.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

If you want to give your horse a female name, the following are the best feminine options.

1. Abby

2. Adelaide

3. Adira

4. Alani

5. Alexia

6. Amelia

7. Annabell

8. Annie

9. Anya

10. April

11. Arabella

12. Arwen

13. Athena

14. Autumn

15. Bailey

16. Beauty

17. Bella

18. Brandy

19. Brit

20. Bubbles

21. Buttercup

22. Cadence

23. Carolina

24. Centauride

25. Chai

26. Cheyenne

27. Cleo

28. Clover

29. Czarina

30. Daisy

31. Dakota

32. Demi

33. Dream

34. Duchess

35. Eden

36. Fancy

37. Freckles

38. Giada

39. Ginger

40. Gypsey

41. Honey

42. Isabelle

43. Jasmine

44. Jewel

45. Juliet

46. Khaleesi

47. Lady

48. Layla

49. Lily

50. Maggie

51. Melody

52. Millie

53. Misty

54. Molly

55. Mona

56. Montana

57. NaiNai

58. Nituna

59. Peggy

60. Rhonda

61. Rosemary

62. Rosie

63. Sally

64. Shelby

65. Shiloh

66. Star

67. Sugar

68. Swift

69. Willow

70. Winnie

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Gender-neutral horse names

Close-up of horse.
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If you want to give your horse a gender-neutral name, the following are the best options.

1. Apple

2. Arrow

3. Avenger

4. Babe

5. Bold

6. Brave

7. Bullet

8. Buttons

9. Challenger

10. Chili

11. Colorado

12. Constance

13. Cookie

14. Desert Gold

15. Dots N Dashes

16. Dreamer

17. Dusty

18. Firebolt

19. Flurry

20. Freckles

21. Ivory

22. Jamie

23. Jewel

24. Jigsaw

25. Lucky

26. Magic

27. Marshmallow

28. Midnight

29. Misty

30. Muffin

31. Night Raid

32. Noble

33. Nutmeg

34. Peanut

35. Pebbles

36. Pheonix

37. Rain

38. Raven

39. Rebel

40. Riley

41. Rocket

42. Royal

43. Ruby

44. Rush

45. Silver Spoon

46. Smartie

47. Spirit

48. Spot

49. Star Dancer

50. Stardust

51. Steel Dust

52. Storm Cat

53. Stormy

54. Sunny

55. Sunstorm

56. Sweets

57. Tater Trot

58. Trigger

59. Tornado

60. Trubel

61. Tsunami

62. Typhoon

63. Vancouver

64. Victory

65. Whiskers

66. Whisper

67. White Flash

68. Winning Colors

69. Wings

70. Wonder

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Best horse names by color

Three horses galloping.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Naming your horse based on color is a great way to pick a unique name. Color names can be meaningful, creative, and easy to remember and help you bond with your horse.

It can also help differentiate your horse from other horses of the same breed or color.

Black horse names

1. Ash

2. Batman

3. Black Diamond

4. Blackberry

5. Blackjack

6. Carbon

7. Charcoal

8. Chez Noir

9. Coal

10. Cola

11. Crow

12. Dahlia

13. Dark Knight

14. Dracula

15. Ebony

16. Godiva

17. Graphite

18. Guinness

19. Licorice

20. Midnight

21. Nebula

22. Nero

23. Noir

24. Obsidian

25. Onyx

26. Oreo

27. Pepper

28. Phantom

29. Raven

30. Sable

31. Shadow

32. Smoke

33. Sooty

34. Storm

35. Twilight

36. Vader

37. Voldemort

38. VooDoo

39. Winchester

40. Zorro

Brown, Chestnut, Bay, and Sorrel horse names

1. Almond

2. Amber

3. Autumn

4. Bagel

5. Bean

6. Biscuit

7. Brown Sugar

8. Brownie

9. Cappuccino

10. Caramel

11. Cinnamon

12. Chestnut

13. Chocolate

14. Cocoa

15. Coconut

16. Coffee

17. Copper

18. Cora

19. Cookie

20. Cork

21. Diesel

22. Espresso

23. Fawn

24. Gingerbread

25. Hershey

26. Kahlua

27. Maple

28. Mocha

29. Mushroom

30. Nutella

31. Nutty

32. Peanut

33. Poppy

34. Roo

35. Rusty

36. Syrup

37. Teddy

38. Toffee

39. Walnut

40. Wheat

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Grey horse names

1. Angel

2. Annabelle

3. Arctic Star

4. Asher

5. Aurora

6. Blizzard

7. Breeze

8. Cloud

9. Crystal

10. Diamond

11. Dusty Moon

12. Earl

13. Ghost

14. Grayson

15. Greystone

16. Guinevere

17. Icicle

18. Luna

19. Misty

20. Moonshine

21. Moonwater

22. Nickle

23. Oscar

24. Pearl

25. Pegasus

26. Pewter

27. Phantom

28. Powder

29. Rain

30. River

31. Shades

32. Skyfall

33. Slate

34. Smoky

35. Snow

36. Snowstorm

37. Spirit

38. Steele

39. Stormy

40. Winter

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Palomino horse names

1. Almond Blonde

2. Aurelia

3. Aurora

4. Blondie

5. Butter

6. Butterscotch

7. Cappuccino

8. Cinderella

9. Custard

10. Daffodil

11. Dusty

12. Flame

13. Goldfish

14. Golden Ticket

15. Goldie

16. Goldie Locks

17. Honey

18. Latte

19. Malibu

20. Marigold

21. Mellow Yellow

22. Mustard

23. Nugget

24. Paloma

25. Peaches

26. Penny

27. Platinum

28. Rose Gold

30. Saffron

31. Sandy

32. Smiley

33. Sunburst

34. Sundrop

35. Sunflower

36. Sunny

37. Sunshine

38. Tawny

39. Yellow Flower

40. Zehavi

Good luck choosing the perfect name for your horse.

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