150+ Best Pet Store Names (Cute, Creative, and Purr-fect)


By Sapana Chandra

Once you decide to open a pet shop, you need a memorable name. Get inspired with the best pet store names that are cute and creative.

Chihuahua dog inside pet store.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Opening a pet store can be a fulfilling and rewarding career if you are passionate about animals.

Half of American households own pets. A pet shop provides a convenient location for pet owners to buy necessary supplies.

A pet shop can generate revenue through pet-related services and product sales. Additionally, you can work with animals and contribute to their welfare.

Choosing a memorable pet store name is the first step towards creating a brand trusted by pet owners.

The following are examples of pet shop names to help you choose the perfect one.

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Cute pet store name ideas

Puppy standing in pet store.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Choosing a cute pet shop name can help make a great first impression on pet owners. It can create a more inviting and friendly atmosphere, which can help you get more customers.

The following are examples of adorable pet store names.

1. Amazing Pets

2. Bed Buddies

3. Bow Wow Babies

4. City Pets

5. Cuddle Love Pets

6. Cuddle with Love

7. Cutie Paws

8. Free Paws

9. Fur Baby Shop

10. Furbabies

11. Furry Friends

12. Fuzzy House

13. Happy Paws

14. Happy Tail Co.

15. Kitty Corner

16. Little Paws

17. Love Paws

18. Nap Time Pet Shop

19. Paw Pets

20. Paw Shop

21. Paws Pet Store

22. Pet Corner

23. Pet Valley

24. Pet Village

25. Pooch Squad

26. Puppy Love

27. Puppy Paws Pets

28. Puppy Powder

29. Puppy Stuff

30. Puppy World

31. Purr Central

32. Simply Paws

33. Smooch Pooch

34. Stars & Cats

35. The Puppy Patch

36. Wag & Purr

37. Whiskers

38. Wiggle Waggle Pet Store

Catchy and creative pet shop names

Terrier dog sitting in pet bed.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

When choosing a name for your new pet store, consider a memorable name.

The following are shop names that will catch your customers’ attention.

1. All for Pets

2. All Your Pet Needs

3. Alley Cat Pet Shop

4. Bark & Paw

5. Bark in the Park

6. Barks & Meows

7. Best for Pets

8. Bird Paradise

9. Blessed Barks

10. Boundless Leaps

11. City Pups

12. Clippin’ Paws

13. Earth Wind & Purrs

14. Earthy Paws

15. Dirty Paws

16. Fresh Pawsters

17. Fur Central

18. Furry Boutique

19. Furry Family Pets

20. Furry Feline Friends

21. Great Fangs

22. Happy Pets

23. Happy Purrs

24. Just Pets

25. Living with Paws

26. Made for Paws

27. Man’s Best Friend

28. Meow Power

29. Meowing Innocence

30. Moon Paws

31. Muddy Paws

32. Paw Dreamland

33. Paw Happy Place

34. Pet Boutique

35. Pet Butler

36. Pet Depot

37. Pet Dreams

38. Pet Kingdom

39. Pets Essentials

40. Pet Fever

41. Pet Haven

42. Pet Paradise

43. Pets in the City

44. Power Pet Co.

45. Puppy Time

46. Star Pets

47. The Fuzz Room

48. Tiny Tails Pet Shop

49. Trusted Pet Supply Co.

50. Wow Bow Wow

Funny pet store names

Golden retriever dog walking in pet store.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Humor is a great way to make your pet store stand out. Make your customers laugh by choosing a funny name or play on words.

The following are examples of funny pet store names.

1. All Nine Lives

2. Bark at Ya

3. Barking Paws

4. Barking Sensation

5. Catfé Paws

6. Claws & All

7. Dirty Claws

8. Dirty Dawg

9. Fat Cat Shop

10. Fishing For Details

11. Furry Coach

12. Heads-to-Tails Pet Shop

13. Keeping It Pawfect

14. Muddy Paws

15. Oh My Dog!

16. Paw & Order

17. Pawtastic Place

18. Purrfect Place

19. Purrfeinated

20. Right Meow Pet Shop

21. Suds & Studs

22. Tails For Life

23. The Time is Meow

24. Treats For Tricks

25. Tweeting Freedom

Modern pet store names

Corgi dog lying on floor.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

A modern pet shop name can give your new business a more contemporary feel. It can appeal to younger pet owners and help your shop stand out.

The following are examples of modern pet store names.

1. Anchored Pets

2. Animal Pack

3. Bark Press

4. Barking Bites

5. Barking Depot

6. Barking Dogs

7. Cat Valley Co.

8. City Paws

9. City Pups

10. Cool Paws

11. Earth Pets

12. Free The Paws

13. Green Paws

14. Healthy Pet Shop

15. Little Lion

16. Love & Leash

17. Modern Pets

18. Nala’s Paws

19. Paw Central

20. Paw Co.

21. Paw Cube

22. Paw Pros

23. Paw Spa

24. Paw Supply

25. Paw Treat Street

26. Paws & Barks

27. Paws Unleashed

28. Paws with Glam

29. Pet Central

30. Pet Depot

31. Pets Unlimited

32. Puppy Life

33. Purr & Bark

34. Simply Pets

35. Sit & Stay

36. Sugar Paws

37. The Daily Barker

38. The Hip Paw

39. Trendy Tails

40. Urban Pet

41. Urban Paws

Tips on naming your new pet shop

Here are some tips to help you come up with the perfect name for your new pet supply business:

1. Search online for existing pet store businesses. It will help you avoid potential trademark issues and give you some ideas.

2. Use a play on words. Choose a phrase or pun pet owners can relate to and incorporate it into your shop name.

3. Brainstorm with friends and family. They may have creative ideas you wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

Now that you’ve read through the pet store name ideas, what did you decide to name your pet shop?

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