230+ Best Owl Names (Cute, Funny, and Cool)


By Sapana Chandra

Owls are fascinating and majestic wild creatures. Read the best owl names that are funny, cute, and unique.

Great horned owlet perched on branch.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Owls have impressive hunting skills and the ability to turn their head 270 degrees. They’ve long been a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, and mystery in many cultures.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect name for an owl character or a real owl friend, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve compiled the best owl names that are cute, funny, and unique.

Baby owl names

Baby owlet perched in tree.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Check out these popular owlet names to help you get started.

Archimedes: The pet owl in Disney’s movie Archimedes. He is known for being grouchy and sarcastic, especially in the mornings.

Athena: Inspired by Greek mythology, the little owl that accompanies Athena.

Barry: Referring to the female barred owl who lived in Central Park for 10 months.

Blinky: Inspired by the cute owl children’s toy from Sebra.

Boop: A cute name for a pet owl.

Buddy: A fitting name for an owl that keeps coming back.

Buff: Inspired by the buff-fronted owl, a small owl found in South America.

Buttons: An adorable name for an owl character.

Chip: A British name meaning “free man.”

Chirpy: In addition to hoots, owls may chirp or make other sounds.

Coco: A French name, perfect for a female owl.

Elf: A small brown and grayish owl found in Southwestern United States, California, and Mexico.

Gandalf: Inspired by the character in Lord of the Rings.

Gizmo: A male snowy owl who played Hedwig in the Harry Potter series.

Hootie: Inspired by the plush Hootie the Owl.

Hootling: Inspired by the hooting of an owl.

Jewel: An English name meaning “precious stone.”

Lovey: A variant of the name Love meaning “affection” or “love.”

Luna: A Latin name meaning “moon”, fitting for a creature that thrives at night.

Merlin: Inspired by Merlin’s pet owl in the Disney movie Archimedes.

Otto: A German name meaning “wealth.”

Owlette: Inspired by an owlet, a small or young owl.

Ozzy: Inspired by the English singer Ozzy Osbourne.

Pal: A Latin name meaning “small.”

Pebbles: Inspired by the toddler character in the TV show The Flinstones.

Pixie: Inspired by the mythological creature meaning “fairy.”

Puff: A fitting name for an owl that puffs its cheeks owl.

Snowy: Inspired by the snowy owl, native to the Arctic regions.

Spot: Inspired by the spotted owl.

Tiny: Perfect for a small, irresistibly cute owl.

Whiskers: Owls have short feathers around their beaks that act like cat whiskers to help them sense objects around them.

Zuzu: A Yiddish name meaning “sweet.”

Cute owl names

The following are adorable owl names for your furry friend.

Barred owl perched in a tree.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

1. Albie

2. Banjo

3. Benji

4. Birdie

5. Buttons

6. Feathers

7. Fluffy

8. Kira

9. Little Hoot

10. Luna

11. Mr. Beaks

12. Mr. Hoot

13. Ollie

14. Oliver

15. Peaches

16. Peewee

17. Pepper

18. Pipit

19. Pixie

20. Rico

21. Ruffles

22. Sammy

23. Snowflake

24. Sophie

25. Star

26. Sugar

27. Tiki

28. Tinkerbelle

29. Twinkles

30. Wilbur

31. Willow

32. Winky

Funny owl names

Consider a funny owl name that will bring a smile to your face.

Baby owl in moss.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

1. Admiral

2. Bubba

3. Captain

4. Captain Hootbeard

5. Cornowlius

6. Dashfeather

7. Doctor Hoot

8. Duke Owlington

9. Fat Owlbert

10. Guacamowle

11. Hoodini

12. Hooter Potter

13. Hootie

14. Hootie and the Blowfish.

15. Hootie McOwlface

16. Hooty Mama

17. Hulk

18. Legend

19. Owlbert Einstein

20. Owlexandra

21. Owliver Twist

22. Owlivia

23. Owllie

24. Owl Pacino

25. Owlwin

26. Owly McBeal

27. Professor Hootenanny

28. Sharptation

29. Sir Hootsalot

30. Sparrow

31. Swiftwings

32. Swooshy

33. Whoopee Cushion

34. Wing Crosby

Cool owl names

The following owl names are cool, unique, and memorable.

Owlet perched on finger.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

1. Artemis

2. Bruiser

3. Caspian

4. Chaser

5. Creech

6. Dawn

7. Dusk

8. Flash

9. Fletcher

10. Freefall

11. Galaxy

12. Hades

13. Hunter

14. Kai

15. Lightning

16. Luna

17. Magnus

18. Midnight

19. Moonlight

20. Mystery

21. Nitro

22. Odin

23. Onyx

24. Otis

25. Phoenix

26. Quinn

27. Raven

28. Sabel

29. Shire

30. Sora

31. Starburst

32. Storm

33. Stormy

34. Swift

35. Thor

36. Thunder

37. Tital

38. Valor

39. Winger

40. Zenith

41. Zephyra

Famous owl names

Consider an owl name inspired by your favorite movies, TV shows, and books.

Eagle owl perched.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

1. Barran (Guardians of Ga’Hoole)

2. Brodwin (Harry Potter)

3. Bubo (Guardians of Ga’Hoole)

4. Cedric (Guardians of Ga’Hoole)

5. Errol (Harry Potter)

6. Glimfeather (The Chronicles of Narnia)

7. Gylfie (Guardians of Ga’Hoole)

8. Hedwig (Harry Potter)

9. Hermes (Harry Potter)

10. Kludd (Guardians of Ga’Hoole)

11. Marella (Guardians of Ga’Hoole)

12. Martin (Guardians of Ga’Hoole)

13. Noctus (Guardians of Ga’Hoole)

14. Owl (Winnie the Pooh)

15. Owl Jolson (Looney Tunes)

16. Owl of Athena (Greek mythology)

17. Pidwidgeon (Harry Potter)

18. Plop (The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark)

19. Twilight (Guardians of Ga’Hoole)

Female owl names

The following are the best female owl names.

Great horned owl perched on branch.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

1. Adelina

2. Aella

3. Arlie

4. Astra

5. Aura

6. Ava

7. Bella

8. Caracara

9. Catalina

10. Celeste

11. Clementine

12. Corella

13. Cyra

14. Cyrene

15. Delilah

16. Electra

17. Ellie

18. Enya

19. Estrella

20. Fiona

21. Galatea

22. Genoveva

23. Giselle

24. Grace

25. Gypsy

26. Halle

27. Halyna

28. Hera

29. Herminia

30. Hesperia

31. Irena

32. Iora

33. Lyra

34. Minerva

35. Moa

36. Mystique

37. Nova

38. Ophelia

39. Phoebe

40. Ruby

41. Sonya

42. Stella

43. Queen

Male owl names

The following are the best male owl names.

Profile of tiger owl.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

1. Aero

2. Aldrich

3. Alfie

4. Atlas

5. Apollo

6. Artemis

7. Aspen

8. Avalar

9. Barak

10. Cyrus

11. Erwin

12. Faisal

13. Franz

14. Geronimo

15. Harry

16. Hesperos

17. Hugo

18. Icarus

19. Igor

20. King

21. Merlin

22. Notus

23. Odin

24. Orion

25. Skylar

26. Thor

27. Toto

28. Victor

29. Wren

30. Zephyr

31. Zephyrus

32. Zeus

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