52 Best Grandma Names (Cool, Unique, and Sweet)


By Sapana Chandra

With the promotion from mom to grandma comes a nickname. Learn about the different grandma names, including traditional and hip ones.

Kids making pasta with grandma.
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Grandmas are influential and important members of the family.

Studies show that a grandma-grandchild relationship can benefit a child’s well-being. Grandmas are caring, and loving, and enjoy spoiling grandchildren.

A good nickname is essential. The following are ideas for popular grandma names. Some are traditional, while others are unique or tied to ethnicities.

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Ideas for grandma names

Grandma drawing with her granddaughter.
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Give grandma a nickname to show off her individuality. The following are the best grandma names.

Abuela: “Grandma” in Spanish.

Amma: The shortened version of “gramma” or “gamma.”

Bába: The Bulgarian term for grandma.

Babcia: The Polish term for grandma.

Babushka: The Russian name for grandma.

Bella or Belle: An ideal nickname for a beautiful grandma.

Big Mom or Big Momma: This name is perfect for the grandma who calls the shots.

Bubbeh: The Yiddish word for grandma.

Cha Cha: If your grandma loves to dance, this is the perfect name.

Cookie: For the grandma who bakes the best cookies.

Dearma: The best name for a grandma who’s the dearest.

G: Simple and effective.

GamGam: A sweet nickname for grandma.

Gamma: If grandma is hard to pronounce for kids, “Gamma” is the perfect name to call her.

G-Bomb: The name for a grandma who’s the bomb.

Geema or G-Ma: A cool and hip grandma.

GiGi: It’s an easy-to-pronounce and fun way to address grandma.

Glamma: For the glamorous grandma.

GoGo: A nickname for the busy grandma.

Gram: Short, cool, and simple.

Grammy: The combination of “grandma” and “mommy.” It’s the perfect name if grandma treats you like her second child.

GramWOW: A combination of grandma and mom, but upside down.

Gran: For the cool grandma.

Grand-maman: The French word for grandma.

Grand-moo: A fun name for a grandma who loves to laugh.

Grandmama: This is a fun name for the best grandma.

Grand-mère: Another French word for grandma.

Grandmom: A modern version of “grandmother.”

Granny: A common and sweet nickname for grandma.

Granny Pie: If she calls people sweetie pie, call her granny pie.

Honey: Grandmas are sweet like honey.

Lola: The Filipino word for grandma.

Lolli: The ideal name to pair with a grandpa called pops.

Lovey: It’s what the Kardashian kids call Kris Jenner.

Mammy: A popular nickname for grandma that’s easy for kids to say.

Marmee or Marmi: A timeless nickname for grandma.

Meemaw: An affectionate term for grandma.

Mimi: An adorable nickname for grandma.

Nai Nai: “Grandmother” in Chinese.

Nana: The most common nickname for grandma.

Nani (maternal) or Dadi (paternal): “Grandma” in Hindi.

Nanny: This is the best name if grandma loves taking care of everyone.

Nonna: “Grandma” in Italian.

Obaasan: The Japanese word for grandma.

Oma: The German name for grandma.

Ouma: “Grandmother” in Afrikaans.

Queen: The title she deserves.

Sassy: Don’t try to pull anything on this grandma.

Savta: The Hebrew word for grandma.

Snuggy: The ideal name for a grandma who loves hugs and cuddles.

Sunny: The best name for a grandma who’s always happy and smiling.

Sweetie: The perfect name for grandma if she’s the sweetest.

Tootsie: For the grandma with a sweet tooth.

Tutu: The Hawaiian word for grandma.

Vovo: The term for grandma in Portuguese.

Yaya: The word for grandma in Greek.

Yiey: “Grandma” in Khmer.

Grandma and grandmother are classic and timeless names.

Since your grandma is unique, use a nickname that fits her personality. It can also show how much she means to you.

Now that you’ve read through the list of grandma names, which one did you choose?

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