100+ Best Christmas Baby Names (Festive & Traditional)


By Sapana Chandra

Are you looking for Christmas baby names for your new bundle of joy? Some of our favorites are Holly, Noelle, Ivy, Gabriel, Mary, David, and Joy.

Smiling baby wearing Christmas outfit.
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Naming your baby with a Christmas-inspired name is a great way to celebrate the season all year round. It also gives your child a unique and meaningful name that can be a conversation starter.

If your child is born around Christmas, it can be a special reminder of their birthday.

You can choose a traditional Christmas baby name, such as Noel or Mary. Or you can also choose one with a more subtle connection to Christmas, such as Holly or Ivy, one of the top 50 names in the US.

Gender-neutral Christmas baby names

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A gender-neutral Christmas name can give your baby the freedom to define their own gender identity. It can also help them to feel accepted and included in their family and community, no matter what gender they identify as.

Alvar: A Spanish name meaning “elf warrior.”

Alvie: A British name meaning “elf friend.”

Aspen: An English name meaning “shaking tree.”

Carol: A Christmas carol.

Clove: A Christmas spice.

Galen: A Green name meaning “peaceful.”

Garland: Comes from the word wreath, a Christmas decoration.

Heaven: An Irish name meaning “sky”.

Hollis: An English name meaning “dweller at the holly trees.”

Jona: A Hebrew name meaning “dove.”

Lumi: A Finnish name meaning “snow.”

Noel: A French name meaning “born on Christmas.”

North: A reference to the North Pole.

Robin: A Latin name meaning “bright” or “fame.” A reference to the Christmas bird.

Sage: A Latin name meaning “wise”. A reference to the herb and the Three Wise Men.

Shay: An Irish name meaning “stately” or “gift.”

Shiloh: A Hebrew name meaning “peace” or “abundant joy.”

Snow: An English name popularized by the hero Jon Snow in Game of Thrones.

Wish: A Welsh name meaning “desire” or “hope for something to happen.”

Winter: A reference to the winter season.

Christmas baby names for girls

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There are so many beautiful baby girl names for Christmas. Some cute and festive names include Holly, Noelle, Joy, Mary, Ivy, Faith, and Angel.

Abigail: A Hebrew name meaning “brings joy” and associated with King David’s third wife in the Old Testament.

Angel: Means “divine messenger.”

Angela: A Greek name meaning “angel” or “messenger.”

Angelica: A variation of Angel meaning “messenger of God.”

Alegria: An Italian name meaning “joyous” or “cheerful.

Astrid: A Scandinavian name meaning “divinely beautiful.”

Ava: A Latin name meaning “bird.”

Carol: A French name meaning “song of happiness.”

Christina: A Latin name meaning “follower of Christ.”

Clara: A Latin name meaning “bright” or “clear.” Clara is also the name of the girl in the famous ballet, The Nutcracker.

Elena: Meaning “bright, shining light.” with Spanish, Italian, German, and Greek origins.

Esther: A Hebrew name meaning “star.”

Eve: A Hebrew name meaning “enlivening.”

Faith: A British name meaning “loyalty” or “belief.”

Ginger: A Latin name meaning “from the ginger flower.”

Gloria: A Latin name meaning “glory.”

Grace: A reference to “God’s grace.”

Harper: An English name meaning “harp player.”

Helena: A Greek name meaning “torch” or “shining light.”

Holly: A British name and reference to the Christmas decoration and holly plant.

Ivy: A British name and reference to the plant. Ivy signifies “faithfulness.”

Jane: An English name meaning “God is gracious.”

Joleigh: A French name meaning “joyful” or “pretty.”

Joy: A Latin name meaning “great pleasure, happiness.”

Juniper: A Latin name meaning “young.”

Karen: The name of the girl who returns Frosty the Snowman to the North Pole.

Lucia: A Latin name meaning “light.”

Lucy: An English name meaning “light.”

Mariah: A Hebrew name meaning “Lord is my teacher” or “the sea.”

Mary: A Hebrew name meaning “beloved” or “rebellious.”

Natalia: A Latin name meaning “birthday” and associated with the birthday of Jesus.

Natasha: A Russian name meaning “born on Christmas Day.”

Noelle: A French name meaning “the Christmas festival.”

Nora: A Hebrew name meaning “light.”

Rachel: A Hebrew name meaning “ewe” and referring to the first wife of Jacob.

Stella: A Latin name meaning “star.”

Tashia: A Russian name meaning “born at Christmas.”

Tinsel: A French name meaning “sparkly.”

Virginia: A Latin name meaning “pure” or “virgin”.

Zia: An Arabic name meaning “light.”

Christmas baby names for boys

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Here are some unique and special Christmas-inspired baby boy names to consider:

Aaron: A prophet who was appointed as Israel’s first high priest.

Aster: A Greek name meaning “star.”

Axel: A German name meaning “father of peace.”

Bailey: A British name meaning “berry clearing.”

Barack: An Arabic name meaning “blessed.”

Caleb: A Hebrew name meaning “faith” or “devotion to God.”

Christian: Follower of Christ.

Christopher: Means” bearer of Christ.”

Cole: A French name meaning “charcoal” and referring to children given coal in their stockings at Christmas.

David: Means beloved.

Douglas: A Scottish name meaning “black water” and referring to the Douglas fir tree.

Elden: An English name meaning “from the elves valley” or “from the old town.”

Emmanuel: Means “God is with us.”

Felix: A Latin name meaning “happy” or “fortunate”, the perfect name to symbolize the Christmas spirit.

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Finnian: A Gaelic name meaning “little fair-haired one.”

Gabriel: An archangel in the Bible. It means “hero of God” or “God is my strength.”

Galen: A Greek name meaning “peaceful.”

Isaiah: A Hebrew name meaning “Yahweh is my salvation.”

Jack: An English name meaning “God is gracious” and associated with Jack Frost.

Jacob: A Hebrew name meaning “supplanter.”

Jasper: A Persian name referring to the opaque quartz gemstone and one of the Three Wise Men.

Jona: A Hebrew name meaning “dove.”

Joseph: A reference to Jesus’ father.

Kane: A Japanese name meaning “warrior.”

Kevin: An Irish name meaning “handsome.”

Matthew: A Hebrew name meaning “God will behold” or “blessing.”

Michael: A Hebrew name meaning “who is like God.”

Nash: A variation of the Old English name “Nashe” meaning “at Christmas,”

Nicholas/Nick: A Greek name meaning “victory of the people”

Noel: French for “Christmas.”

Oakley: An English name meaning “meadow of oak trees.”

Robin: An English name meaning “bright shining.”

Rudolph: A reference to the beloved reindeer.

Shepherd: A biblical reference to the shepherds who visited Jesus at his birth.

Thaddeus: A Hebrew name meaning “valiant” or “a blessing from God.”

Theodore: A Greek name meaning “gift of God.”

Whittaker: An English name meaning “white acre.”

Yisrael: A Hebrew name meaning “he who wrestles with God.”

Yule: A holiday derived from a pagan festival

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